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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Important Value Of Clarity

We have all noted the heightened state of political tension in our country. I feel it is really important now to be clear about what we want but it is just as important to advocate what we want - yes and in a benevolent way - oh yes - and I feel it is essential to not be focused on who we think is to blame for all our troubles.

This has been a tremendous pitfall in the most advanced cultures in the past. Blaming in general, simply continues to stir up the pot. I'm not saying that we should discard justice - what I am saying is that blaming in general seems to be a root cause of so much history.

We don't think of history that often as something malevolent or discomforting and yet historians will agree, sometimes with chagrin, that history is very often - to quote my old history teacher, "About groups of unhappy people in ceaseless conflict for power."

My feeling is this - it would be very beneficial for those who are campaigning for what they feel would be good - not only to do in their localities but also how they would see our country and our world evolving.

I know that political realities do not always support this but for those of us who are not running for office and are simply considering the political and even the geopolitical situation I feel it is most important to focus on what we want in the most benevolent way and to let go of attacking or otherwise attempting to besmirch the value of others.

In these times I feel it is essential to be clear and therefore I recommend, not a political position but a humanitarian position. If at all possible - vote your heart in the most benevolent way and let go of who did what to whom. History and the wheels of justice will resolve all of that.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,
Thank you for this post...I toatally agree with you when you write about "clarity"...

In my writings I insist a lot on the impact of the "overlays" on our realities...Once we understand that all our opinions are the result of an hypnotic or a self hypnotic process we awaken to the fact that anything we believe is "true" is just a choice inside a flowing infinite of potentials...

For me, clarity is coming to this understanding of us building stories and projecting them on a 3D screen...I see what is happening now in the political sphere as a virtual imaginary conflict...we also have the choice not to contribute to bring it to reality by just taking care of what is near us...

it's time to be egoistic and work on our very close realities...our lovers, our kids, our friends, our pets, our gardens,...time to stop reading newspapers, listening to the radio or watching TV...stop talking about politics...drop out from the planetary hypnotic matrix and feel the pulse of the Earth inside our sacred space...

Not an escape...the way to heal the world as all nature does...what you call the HEART HEAT...

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, it is reminiscent - your remarks - suggesting it being time for a change of seasons. Growing up in the Midwest as I did I was exposed to truly distinct seasons:

Winter when Earth was quiet and often appearing to be at peace,
Then Spring with a reawakening of life,
Followed by Summer - the invigoration of new life,
And then of course Autumn showing the transition in all its beauty and at the end of a cycle.

Still, where one cycle ends another begins eh and so life goes on and that in its own right is a great comfort is it not.