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The Wand Position
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Passages In Time

Do you see in the sky these days clouds that look like something. Oh not just beautiful clouds or even lenticular clouds which often have a unique beauty of their own but clouds which on one edge or more clearly indicate a picture however fleeting of someone or perhaps some thing.

This is something you will see more and more these days as spirits are presenting themselves before they depart completely from the planet.

Many of these spirits have been watching over different groups of other spirits and occasionally watching over different groups of living beings. Many of them have been family members from the past or on occasion tribal elders in spirit form.

Have you ever noticed in stone - mountains or rocks - a clear, easily discernible face. This is a similar situation where there has been such a desire to protect and oversee, to insulate and support that the face has been imprinted on the stone either through a volcanic expression or more often through the effects of wind and rain and time.

Most of these beings are moving on now and within say - a thousand years will not be visible in the stone anymore but while they are departing they will be visible in the clouds.

If you happen to see a face in the sky and it is pleasing and you have a moment - say up to the sky, "Goodlife." It bids them on their way and acknowledges their love and devotion.

I just thought perhaps you'd be interested and maybe even intrigued by this passage of spirits beyond time.



Kirsten said...

Hi, Robert,

Thank you for this interesting post. I remember seeing very clearly the faces of native americans, hundreds of them within the canyon in the rocks of the Dragoon Mt. Range in AZ. Why do you say, and why is it they are "moving on"?


Robert Shapiro said...

They are moving on my friend, because they are needed elsewhere.