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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pathways To Our Compassion

I feel it is important now to notice your lives. Look around - see. What do you see? Are there things that are new to you? Are there things that are there and have been there for some time but there are aspects about what you see that seem different?

What is going on for you right now - and for all of us - is that a benevolent change of circumstances and ways of life is taking place. We are releasing a great deal of our own pain, as I said in the previous post, and we are assimilating a tremendous amount of capacity to look past what we have always perceived as the shortcomings of others.

Now I want to give you something to do to help you to look past what you believe are your own shortcomings. Consider for a moment - if you were to see a beloved pet or even a good friend who is in a condition where they were injured or perhaps they are simply getting older and it's more difficult for them to get around - you would not reject them as a beloved pet or as a good friend. Please consider your physical body and your ways of being as a good friend and be patient with yourselves.

You are not here on this Earth to achieve some level of artificial perfection. We are here, I believe, to achieve any level of progress we can make on compassion for our fellow beings whether they be human, animal, plant or whatever.

Compassion is something that is taken for granted in the Universe, I believe and yet here on Earth where there are a great many challenges to feeling good about ourselves and others - compassion is something that we have to work at - but not anymore.

I feel you will notice a tremendous amount of compassion in yourself for others and now I would suggest you say the following benevolent magic to develop it as it is growing within you for yourself. I recommend you say, "I request that I now be able to look upon myself and images of myself with good humor, good feeling and a general feeling of friendly benevolence - that this will all occur for me now in the most benevolent way and result in the most benevolent outcome with unexpected moments of great happiness."

I'm recommending that you say this and then afterwards if you feel any warmth or sense of relaxation just relax for a time and let it be there. This sense of feeling change is just as much about forgiveness for ourselves and our lives as it is about letting go of resentments about the past and others.

Granted we are, none of us - perfect. Certainly not perfect in any arbitrary or artificial sense of the word but we can achieve a greater sense of welcome for others and welcome for ourselves. Is that not a good beginning.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Sharon said...

Forgiving ourselves and our lives and letting go of resentments about the past is something I struggle with every day. Haven't managed to do it yet but haven't given up hope either.

radicalove said...

Thank you so much for this, dear Robert, as well as everything you offer here that helps illustrate and model so many different angles of that sacred energy of Inclusion... It all helps me and I'm sure many others within the challenge of grounding and Weaving it into our daily moment-by-moment experience...

Love, Susan

Robert Shapiro said...

Sharon, thank you for your comment. I was moved by what you said and therefore it is my intention to put a posting up here on Benevolent Magic very soon specifically related to your difficulty and that I feel will serve others as well.

Susan, I very much appreciate your insight and wisdom and your perception that Inclusion has everything to do with everything.
Goodlife my friend.