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The Wand Position
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Saturday, December 16, 2006

More On Deep Disentanglement

Ilias, thank you for your question. It was a very good one. You want to know whether deep disentanglement can be done on a chakra.

Yes it can. It would be good if you feel that there is true problems for example, with any given chakra - meaning that you feel blocked in that area or that you might feel a urgent need for some growth in that area of your body - that after you do the deep disentanglement there that instead of giving yourself 2 days of extra rest and relaxation that you do 3 days.

I'll tell you why. When you choose a chakra it involves more than one portion of your body even though it might be centered in a very specific spot it has radiations that include quite a more significant portion of your body then say one organ or one other specific body part. Therefore given the intention of the deep disentanglement you must allow for this extra integration.

Also the integration time, which I referred to before, which might be several weeks could in the case of an entire chakra be up to six weeks. So, certain things might need to be avoided and you might also notice that the things that you might need to avoid could very easily be things that you would otherwise be normally able to do but it might feel sensitive.

You will know because if you go to do these things you may have a sense of pause or a sense of insecurity or a sense - meaning a feeling of course, that it would be better to do this at another time. If you get any of those senses, please acknowledge them and do those things at another time.

The general experience then of this kind of work with a chakra could be approached in another way. Say that in that area of the chakra you have some body part specifically that might, you feel, need deep disentanglement and while it may not be at the exact point of the chakra it is within the - what I would call the zone of radiation of that chakra - meaning in the immediate area affected.

Then it would be better to do deep disentanglement on that part of your body if you feel that part needs that process. After you do that and if you feel that your body is fairly clear in that area, then do the chakra.

I know this sounds complicated but deep disentanglement is something that is quite major and can have profound effects and I feel it would be the best idea to proceed with caution and allow the area of your body where the chakra is to be as clear as possible.

If you are fairly certain that the area is clear, what you could do a day or so before is to request a disentanglement in that area of your body especially.

You might say for instance, "I am asking that gold light beings and light beings who are compatible with the gold light or compatible with gold light beings or both come now and disentangle my.." then you might mention that area of the body - don't say chakra. Mention the area of the body using the physiological terms.

You might say, "Do a thorough disentanglement of.." you understand - saying that area. If you do that a day or so before the deep disentanglement it might help a bit - make it easier or smoother alright.

This may be more information than you wanted but given that it is something that I am directing to a wider audience, I feel it has value and benefit. That is what I suggest.



Steve said...

I appreciate your guidance and knowledge and wisdom. Thank you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Ilias, you are most welcome my friend.