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The Wand Position
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

More On Connections

It's all connected you know. We ask for a Living Prayer, we ask for help from spirit or people, we ask for Benevolent Magic - we ask.

Many times what we ask for is answered and there are other times when people ask us for things. Sometimes we don't think about it as being asked.

Maybe we receive a bill - maybe we're a little uncomfortable about paying the bill but then we think back on how relieved we were when we received a letter and thought it was one thing and opened it up and found out it was good news.

Keep in mind that good news, as they say, goes around and comes around. So lets support good news for all. Lets support good news by giving good news to others as we receive it.



Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago I met in the street a person I used to work with 10 years ago. We say hello, exchange our new namecards (it's Japan you know). This man work now in a new company.
Today I had the visit of another person I met recently, a specialist in Japanese Astrology. A few weeks before I asked him to study something about my life...Today he drove 4 hours to my place to give me the results of his study. At the end of our conversation he said he had something to ask me. I said OK. Then he explained me that his son was trying to get a job in a company and he said "I thought that maybe you know somebody in that company and maybe you can help us somehow..."
The amazing thing is that it's the company of the person I met in the street.
And now I'm working on helping the connection...

It means that it really work as you say Robert.
And not only sometimes, always, because a natural law is not something at random...
but sometimes we let it happen because we are receptive and sometimes we don't
Goodlife to all!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Patrice for sharing your experience with connecting and connections. It is as you say, part of nature and part of ourselves.
Goodlife my friend.