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The Wand Position
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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Is Life Really About

Have you ever had the feeling - I don't belong here, where am I supposed to be, where are my friends, where are my family, why do I feel so strange here?

Nowadays - with as many people that we have on Earth - there is no question that there is a sense of being overwhelmed by daily life and yet there are beauties to be experienced. One does not always see these things when one is in the throws of the demands of life.

I feel it is especially important these days that parents not only prepare a child for what life may be like but to always support a child's observations of beauty if it is beautiful.

Keep in mind that children are not meant to be practical. Adults have had to become practical, usually - most of the time yes but children are not meant to be practical.

That's because they are a part of the beauty - a constant of it. Oh granted, they do not always do beautiful things but very often it is in their nature, especially when they're very young, to be a portion of the beauty - and beauty is in its very nature - innocent.

There is a thread of existence on this planet that is innocence. There are great books that refer to the value of innocence and I know that it seems like a impractical feeling but it is because of innocence that we are able to appreciate beauty since very often that which we consider to be most beautiful has an air - at least - of innocence.

The beauty of a flower, a child's smile, a doting Grandparent filled with pride, all of these things have a degree or air of innocence since they shut out the rest of the world - so it seems - that may not be so innocent - at least as we perceive it.

There is a way we are all going to get to where we are going here, I believe, and that is that we are going to learn how to trust that innocence quality in each other and in all life.

I am bringing this up because there is a unrealistic expectation being pressed down on many younger people these days - granted, on adults as well but the young are less able to count on continuity of some form of pleasure in life since their lives are somewhat more restricted by values both cultural and family, by demands of culture and often family and therefore the continuity of some form of pleasure especially when they are beyond the early innocent years - as perceived by many - become fewer and fewer for many.

Many of us wonder why young people often seem to be so cynical but I remember a time when, many years ago, the generation coming up was very cynical indeed because of "the bomb" and the assumption - all be it not true - was that "the bomb" would put an end to everything so why try.

That really tainted an entire generation, though many did try and some did succeed at their chosen fields. It is important, I feel, for that generation especially to observe and notice and to inspire and it is very often that which encourages me to inspire and to offer that which is not false hope but that which does allow for change beyond that which appears to be possible.

This site is about magic but it is, more to the point, about magic that is benevolent, causes no harm to anyone and encourages that life is about support.

I will say more about this as time goes on but for now I'd like to leave you with this - especially those of you who appreciate and use Living Prayer as a means to support all life. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all life experience the enthusiasm of innocence coupled with the strength and belief in the continuity of beauty, its value, its support and its nourishment."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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