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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Training As We Sleep

Who are we. Are we only a product of our parents - however loving. Are we only a product of our family extended - past and present. Are we a product of Creator here and beyond. Are we more than that.

We are more than that. We are everything we have ever eaten and everything that has passed through us to go on to become part of something else such as the water we drink which passes through us and is purified through the Earth and goes on to be part of someone or something else.

Every plant we have ever consumed whether we are conscious of it being a plant or not is part of us - its life, its loves, its family, its experience - especially of the sun and of the rain is a portion of us.

It is this diverse world that makes us up that is all around us and inside of us that allows us to not only experience many things that go beyond our own possibility in life experience but also contribute to our capacity to have more life than we live and that more life takes place beyond our conscious mind into the world of dreams.

In dreams we can be anything, be anywhere, go anywhere and often are observing others live their lives.

I have been taught and I believe from my experience that many of us are training to be Guides. We are not just watchers in our dreams - we are training. We are with another who is teaching us how to guide.

From time to time you might catch a little vision of yourself or the being you are identifying with as yourself in the dream and you wake up and you realize that you do not now nor have you ever looked like that.

When that happens and you have the distinct feeling of actually experiencing it as yourself in the dream, that is because that's how Guides are taught.

Guides are taught in such a way as they truly feel what the other person is experiencing so that their guidance does not come from a point of view of teaching someone for whom you have no real idea of what they are experiencing. You must live it with them.

Sometimes that living is challenging but you must live it with them and then whether to depart lovingly or to get away - we wake up.

We sometimes get confused that it is about our lives but almost always with the exception of visions it is teaching that we are experiencing from others and immersion in the life of another somewhere - maybe not even on this planet - that helps us to get more sensitive. That's the bonus you see - we get to be more sensitive to the experience of others on this planet and maybe even in our immediate environment because through that teaching as we learn gradually and slowly how to be a Guide, we experience things that we might not ever be able to experience on this planet.

So the next time you wake up from a dream that seems so real - it is real and dreams are more than the stuff of fantasy.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert!! I've been a fan of yours for 15 years since the early Sedona articles. I think this is great, you're blogging here, and this article in particular really struck a chord with me. So true, I was actually a guide for an elementary school recently, in a dream!!

if you ever get a chance, please check out !!! we could use a light force like you!


Robert Shapiro said...

Ophie, thank you for your comment and I do appreciate your interest.
Goodlife to you.