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The Wand Position
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Releasing Mechanisms In Us Now, Part 2

Last time I brought up the fact that the potential for old feelings to come up to be released might touch on our beloved cats and dogs. There is a hazard that some cats and some dogs could be harmed simply for being and that's all.

As it is now there is a tendency in places to simply destroy, as we call it sometimes eh, cats and dogs if they don't have homes. Of course this is done outside of the view of most citizens. I am sure that if most citizens saw cats and dogs being killed simply because they didn't have homes with human beings that we would be offended.

And I'm also certain that people who work in places like this are often feeling very sad about it themselves. So we mustn't blame them for the work that they've been assigned to do. I'm not talking about that though.

This old suspicion has to do with distrusting other forms of life. So...I am concerned and I have been guided that this is something to be concerned about - that cats and dogs might be blamed for being other forms of life and therefore are something to be suspicious of.

Dogs, as you may already know, are here on this planet to look after human beings in our physical lives. To guide us, to show us the fun of being physical and this is so important when we have times that our physical life is not going well. Our dog reminds us that it can be fun.

Our dog encourages us to play - lets go outside and play! Throw the ball! Throw whatever the object is - throw the toy. I'll go get it and bring it back to you - we'll have fun. And of course many times your dog comes over to console you. Your dog is your best friend - aren't they.

And then there is the cat who likes to show you things that you can't see because cats are here with human beings to look after us in our spiritual life. What I mean by spiritual life is that which is beyond us and that also which is a part of us at all times - our soul personality - our immortal selves that live on well beyond this time and place.

So they operate as a bit of a team and some of the wise cats and dogs who live in the same house together with human beings eh - you maybe - have an understanding of this. They may not feel completely comfortable with each other but very often they know that dog is looking after human beings physical life and feeling life very often and cat is looking after the human beings spiritual life and also feeling life.

So you know and or love your dogs and cats and I know you do too but the danger lurks and the danger is something that can come up from the past and I have been guided that it is about to do that.

So...more about that in part 3. Goodlife.

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