The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Co-operative Vision, Part 5

There is a time coming now when people on the Earth may move around a bit more than you have in the past. Sometimes our movements may be slowed down - meaning that we might be delayed going to this place or that place. We might even find that our friends or loved ones are not with us and we are concerned for them.

When times like this happen it would be something to consider using this co-operative vision.

When that comes up then try the experience in the following way. Considering that you may be at quite a distance or just even a short way but unable to check in on your loved one then utilize the sun or the moon, whichever you care to do, or if there is a mountain high up near you - you can look at that.

Look at the top of the mountain if you can especially if there is no structures there built by human beings. If there is focus your attention on some part where there is no aspect of human created construction.

Then from that portion of the mountain, or if no thing else is available use the sun or the moon, look back towards your loved one - meaning you don't know where they are so you're going to utilize Mother Earth and her capacities as well as your own to look in on your loved one to see if they are safe or if there is any way you can help them.

This can also be used at other times to check up on people who are far away and may need to be seen. As times go on this might apply to astronauts or cosmonauts as they are sometimes called who may travel at a distance and it might not be possible to see them. It might be a situation where they might need help.

Perhaps you can say a living prayer for them, perhaps other but you won't know if they need that unless you can see them at a distance.

In the case of doing distance work like that where great distances are involved that is a time to definitely use the moon or the sun as your point of connecting to a portion of nature.

You will find that this is also possible to be used in looking at objects that are farther away. It is not necessary to draw conclusions or to use it only to respond to emergencies. It is a way to explore the planets beyond and life there while remaining grounded on the Earth.

The way to do that is to always use something of Earth as your connection point. Use that rocky ledge if you like or an old tree or if you like you may utilize some other aspect of nature that is not in motion - that is simply at ease.

Then using that and being in your body, don't go out of your body for those of you who have practiced that, then look at some distant planet and see what you can see. Don't be attached to getting it right or getting it wrong. Recognize that this is something that is a way to explore but not necessarily a way to draw conclusions.

This is something that is better done in a group with many people so that you can, after you have done these things, write down or again make that recording quietly of what you have seen and then write down what you have seen. Afterwards compare notes - not in any competitive manner but compare notes to consider what might be.

When you are in a culture such as we have that is gradually growing into motion beyond the surface of our planet not only for some rare individuals but in time for many peoples it may be good to try these explorations. I wish you well on your "journeys" and remind you that this is a skill that can get better with practice.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

thank you for giving me all those links!! i'm not completely comfortable with that hand thing though... because i feel like the photo doesnt match your worded description of it. does it completely? i might just have something wrong.
thank you for helping me to find middle ground all the time...

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Alison, I'm glad to be of help to you my friend.

Just know that my description was the one that was lacking, not the photo.

I do not always have the best luck putting up photos especially in the past as I am still not very computer savvy. So generally speaking, if I put up a photo go by that and if I put up a description without the photo then do the best you can to follow that.

I am not trying to say that I have difficulty speaking in an accurate manner. It's just that my descriptions are difficult aren't they. It is not always easy to describe a position of anything without a picture. No wonder cameras are so popular eh.

In any event, go by the picture - that's the way to do that. I've been taught and I practice that position calling it The Wand and the reason it's called The Wand is that it is in my understanding an actual wand. We see in the movies and sometimes in other theatrical events that people use wands but this is something that you have and are born with.

It is a position by which energy can pass through your body - energy of inspiration, energy from your guides and angels and so on in the most benevolent way and therefore I have been told that this is The Wand Position.

So if I ever refer in the future to The Wand or holding your hand in The Wand Position you will always know it is that photo.

Goodlife my friend.