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The Wand Position
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heightening Your Subtle Senses, Part 1

I have spoken before on seeing through your cat's eyes in Communion with other Species, Part 2. I would like to expand on what that might lead to. Please first follow the instructions I gave on the original post Communion with other Species but I want to expand on what you have been learning on these blogs because there is a potential for those of you who would like to be able to see things that your cat sees.

You know, those of you who live with cats, that they often look up and look in different directions and you look there and you don't see anything different than usual. If your cat allows you to follow the process I have laid out before and allows you on a fairly regular basis to look and see what they're seeing some times it will be very much the same that you see but other times it will be other things.

Now what this can do is it can allow you in time, to be able to notice these things on your own. You won't need to have the vision through your cat - you'll be able to see on your own.

What this does really is that it trains your vision to perceive subtleties that have always been present but have been unseen by you.

I have tried this before with dogs but it does not seem to work and that is because I have been taught and I believe that dogs are here to look after us physically whereas cats are here to look after us spiritually.

This does not mean to say that we can't have a good physical friend as a cat and that we can't find great spirituality in our dog but this is what I have been taught and I believe it not only on the basis of my experience but because the teaching I have received makes sense.

I'd like you to consider trying this because many of you have said to me over the years that you'd like to be able to see things. You'd like your vision to be able to take in the subtle. You'd like to perceive that which others do not often see and which you yourself have not seen in the past. This is a way I recommend.

Next time we will talk about dogs and how you can improve your subtle capacities working with your dog.



Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

whats your take on "stigmata?" not the whole supposed-religious viewpoint, but from the bigger picture. i have reason to believe its real but in different ways and i want to know what you know about it.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alison, this is not something I have a great deal of knowledge about but what I do know is that when it's genuine it is always about a strong feeling of heart that is associated with compassion and is often found on a wide variety of people and personalities when it is found.

So the simple phrase, "Never assume" comes to mind.