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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Releasing Mechanisms In Us Now, Part 3

Greetings. I have been speaking about a danger to dogs and cats and today I want to elaborate on that a bit.

This danger coming up from ancient times which is intended to be released, let go of and no longer a burden to the human race is a distrust of all other forms of life.

We are now at the very edge of our existence that has led us to this place where we are ready to meet other forms of life from other planets but first we must let go of this ancient distrust of other forms of life.

You know how very often on this planet we distrust other forms of life so much that we either hire people to eradicate them for us or at least chase them away. Very often these beings are classified as what we call animals or insects or some other name by which to keep them at bay from us and while this might seem to be perfectly reasonable at times and can even be rationalized as being necessary and medically responsible, nevertheless underneath all of that is a distrust of other forms of life.

I have been guided that this distrust now might take what we would refer to as an unreasonable expression. This is happening, though it is not obvious yet - it is happening not only because we must release this old distrust but this is happening so that we can get past this distrust.

Let me give you an example. You are walking along and all of a sudden you see some other form of life - I'm not going to say it's this, it's that but what happens.

If you are a little child you are often excited and interested but if you are an adult and have been conditioned by your society that you live in that this is something not to be trusted, you are startled, you are frightened. You don't know what to do.

I'm not here to analyze anyone nor do I claim to have such powers but I'm simply saying that this is something very often that is conditioned and I grant that some of that conditioning is appropriate.

It is appropriate to be conditioned that bears ought to be given a wide berth and lions ought to be allowed to be far far away and not encouraged to come up close but these are creatures that live in the wild. I'm talking about other beings that we might see.

What are the most wild beings that we know about that are in our cities, in the country and have totally permeated our society - millions and millions of them - but who's roots are in the wild. They are dogs and cats. And yet because we have pet cats and pet dogs there is also an innate love of these beings.

How often you have been at your friends house or your neighbors house and their dogs or cats show great friendliness to you and you love them for that - yes.

So we have this method of drawing out in us this old conditioning - to bring it to the surface and to be reassured that other forms of life can be our friends even if we don't know them.

So...this is not a test we are going through. Creator is not testing us to see if we are ready to meet beings from other planets but it is something that Creator has placed here for us. We are surrounded on this planet with other forms of life and I have been taught that these are the forms of life that are crucial to our understanding of who we are to this planet and who they are as teachers to us - all have something to teach us and I have made an effort to bring that forth.

I have been guided however that during these times now there is a very real possibility that peoples all over the world - not many - but all over the world might become so suspicious of cats and dogs or wish to harm cats and dogs simply for being themselves and for conducting themselves as another form of life, even though they so very often are beloved ones and dear ones, that they might wish to harm them.

So I'm going to ask you - especially if you love cats and dogs but that's not a requirement - I'm going to ask you to participate in a means to protect them. Do what you can in your own locality or wherever you travel to look after dogs and cats and to see that they are well and many of you do that now - yes - but here on these blogs I like to offer other means that can be utilized on the spiritual level to protect them. Next time I will go into the details of that.



Anonymous said...

Hello Robert , I do understand your concern . These life forms are just as much a part of the love in the world we are here for. I have two questions. First how do we help those with phobias against these life forms? My wife is very scared of spiders . Your last paragraph here concern me the most. I understand abuse in such a way ,People having a bad day will take there anger out on so called lower life form. How do we end the cycle of abuse toward any life form? I will give all my positive benevolent energy to resolving this issue. Thank you ,Vince

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Vince, thank you for your comment. I'm going to take a little while to consider it and I'll either answer it before too long or use it as the basis for a post.


Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

did you get my message from the other day?