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The Wand Position
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Monday, May 05, 2008

Co-operative Vision, Part 4

Now that you have had time to complete the other 3 parts I would like you to find somebody else who has completed this work and most importantly read all of this blog from the beginning. This work builds on previous things given but if they haven't read all of the blog and done all of the work then at least to have read and done the work associated with co-operative vision as well as what I've linked back to.

When you find this other person, or several other persons, then I'd like you to try something if you wish and that's for you all to try that thing where you look at a rocky outcropping or a tree well off in the distance. Don't use a bird or any living being for this, it's better to use something from nature that will remain in its current position such as rock or a tree - yes.

Then again, look back in your general direction.

Try to stand no closer then 10 to 20 feet from the person that you're working with or in a group everyone stand 10 to 20 feet apart from each other.

When you have done this for a time - wait until everybody has completed it and don't talk then you can write down what you have seen or if you have a small recording device you can speak very quietly into the recording device so as to not disturb or distract others and say what you have seen. After you do that then write it down.

You don't have to agree. The purpose of this is not to discover that you have all seen exactly the same thing. Some of you may see this, some may see that. Some of you may see things that are only visible with subtle vision*. Some of you may see things that are clearly a portion of the physical landscape.

Try to do this work together wherever you are going and do this together at least 3 times. After that I may in time post a part 5 and we'll take it beyond there.


(*A capacity to see things that are very gently present in our physical realm that do not often maintain their presence for to long, sometimes just a split second. This is seen and often felt as a benevolent experience - often with a very comfortable energy that is present and just as often with a sight of colors and shapes.)

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