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The Wand Position
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Of My Teachers

I had a teacher that dropped by the other day. This was a teacher about joy and this is something we can be benefiting from - all of us can we - it's so easy to forget that joy is something that we love.

Very often you can get a little booster shot on that can't you. You're in the supermarket, maybe walking on the street. Someone walks by with a baby and the baby gives you a big smile and your heart lifts doesn't it.

Well the other day I had a wonderful experience too. I happened to be looking out the window, and I can see the ocean from where I live, and something caught my eye - a motion - and I looked again.

It was a whale. We have whales that go by here this time of year and this was just one whale - normally there is quite a few traveling together but in this case it was one whale and all of a sudden the whale leaped out of the water - breached I think it's called and I could tell that this was something that was joyous.

I had the most wonderful feeling of warmth pass over me and as I watched the whale moving along the whale leapt out of the water, just for happiness, six more times as it passed by the area where I lived and then it just swam further out to sea.

You know, something like that is just such a thrill - not only to see this beautiful being leaping for joy and enjoying its life but the wonderful feeling of love that was present. You know, this kind of thing reminds you not only that joy is something worth experiencing but that it reminded me that being in the present moment, noticing, experiencing and being reminded of the good things in life is really what it's all about.

It's hard in our world now with all our distractions and all of our worries and things that stimulate us to worry - but then in that moment I was reminded that joy is not something that requires thought or worry but simply that requires being.



Anonymous said...

Hello Robert , Thank you again for all your hard work and information. Nature loves to acknowledge us in our hard work as well. Thank you again your benevolent observer, Vince

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Vince, thank you for your kind words and observations.


Louis said...

Hi Robert,

I kinda had one of those days know, the sort of lack-luster ho-hum days that seem to occasionally come along for no special reason. Your post completely chased all that away.


Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Louis, glad I could be of assistance my friend.

This was such a wonderful experience for me and I am glad that it rubbed off on you.

Goodlife my friend.

alison jane lysakowski said...

it really saddens me to watch my friends stress over "what" we're going to do when we hang out together. i find comfort in just sitting there, being with my friends, but they have to have some kind of plan or event in order to feel secure about what's going on. i really wish they'd just find the JOY in mere existence but i can't make them.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alison, I feel your comment is particularly relevant to our times and if you don't mind I'm going to post your comment and my answer to you in a future post here on this blog.


Alison said...

that makes me happy. looking forward to it...