The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feeling Beyond

Today I want to begin some training for you. You may not be entirely clear why we're doing this but as always we build upon what has been taught before and we support you in experiencing more which will in time allow you to do much more.
Today I'd like you to do something which comes loosely under the idea of imagination but more to the point has to do with physicality. Your physical body is made up of the Earth and therefore it can identify at all times with the Earth in all places of the Earth. I would like you to consider for a thought - for a moment you see - that the atoms, the molecules, the parts of your body have at one time been parts of something else on the Earth - you see.
So I'd like you now to think about someplace that you consider to be beautiful. It cannot be associated with a person but it can be perhaps near some person whether they are still on the planet or not. It is to be a physical place, meaning oh - a mountain or a hill - ideally someplace that is not in the city but if it is in a city then it is in someplace where there are not usually people around - you understand. That's so that you have ease and comfort in picturing this.
Now I want you to remain - of course where you are and sit as quietly as possible or if you're laying down that's alright too. I want you to imagine being in that place but not just think about it - I want you to feel - use your physical body - imagine standing in that place. If you can imagine it to the point where you genuinely or at least almost feel the ground under your feet or if it's water - the water under your feet then this is good.
Try to stay focused on that and then after that see if you can touch something there - of course you will be where you are when you're doing this - but you're going to focus on being in the other place as well. Then practice touching something - perhaps a tree, perhaps it will be a wall you hadn't noticed before.
It will not be easy because first you are intensely concentrating to do one thing - then when you touch something there you will still be feeling the land or the water under your feet or the stone perhaps under your feet - whatever it is - and then you will also feel something with your right or left arm or hand you see. It has to be something, for this to work comfortably - it is best if it is something of nature you see - something that has not been altered by man or woman. That is the easiest and most comfortable way for your body.
That's the homework. I will define it by terminology later but for right now it is the beginning of something which you can use to your advantage later - which I did promise to teach you about when we were talking about Long Touch. This is the next part of Long Touch alright.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

A cousin to what people use to call astral projection or astral travel? Fascinating. I'll work on it.

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend, not quite astral travel but rather something meant for benevolent work we're building towards in the future. I will provide a term in the next day or two. So, dare I say - keep your eye's on the....
Goodlife my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. I easily hear and see - quite crystal clear, but I'm not sure that I'm feeling things. Any suggestions for grounding into Mother Earth? I'd like to feel the iron core, the telluric realm, the water I was wading in, the sand of the beach, and the beautiful dolphin that happened by on a gorgeous sun-filled day.

Thanks for your help, Robert.

Take care, Dawn :)

Robert Shapiro said...

Dawn, thank you for your interest. This is what I recommend. The next time you try this, before you make the effort towards this work become very conscious of your feet alright and this is how to do that - wiggle your toes around alright, and if you want to move your feet on whatever they are touching this will help you to stay in your body.

This is not intended to be something that you go out of your body you see because you need to use the physical aspects of your body. So what you do is you experience at a distance something using your physical capabilities in the present moment where you are - you see now yes.

So try that and if you wish to touch something with your hand or arm then come back and again prepare yourself by moving your hands or arms and then return either to that place you were able to visit or another place and touch something there - you understand. I don't recommend touching anything that is alive because this is possible that this is actually a real place - not a vision alright. Touch something inanimate if you can - the water, the sand or whatever you see. That's what I recommend.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Robert! Wow that worked!

Robert Shapiro said...

Dawn, I'm very glad it worked for you.

Kirsten Wolfe said...

Cottonwood is beautiful :)

Khayos Reign said...

I think I have it, but I'm not completely convinced. Only because my imagination goes into overload and I am someone else moving at an incredible speed. I can't just walk or touch things, doors open or instead of touching a tree, I hug it or I touch a fence and I jump over it instead.

Anymore help you can give for the visualization?