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The Wand Position
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Feeling Beyond, Part 2

In these times you often experience moments where you feel an urgent need to be some place else - to see something, to check up on something.
In the teaching on this blog about Long Vision - I have given you considerable instruction on that - now I'd like you to apply that instruction. I'd like you to consider some place you'd like to see but here is the challenge - this place is not to be on Earth. You will have to use your imagination, yes but if you like you can look at pictures on the internet or in a book.
I'd like you to pick some place that has to do with other planets. I would prefer yes, if the planet be Mars or it can be the Moon if you like. It can be Venus if you choose but my feeling is that Mars, Jupiter, Neptune - these would be the best places but if you want to pick some place that you've heard about or that you believe does exist - it could be say, the Pleiades or some place like that - some place well beyond your current photographic capabilities other then seeing places as a star cluster - picture it in some benevolent way and then I'd like you to consider the homework of yesterday where you moved - even though you stayed in one place yes - you moved enough of your senses to another location so that you could feel that location.
When you apply that, as I'm suggesting you try now, you can apply it at great distance. To do that distance does not make a difference. You can be some place on the Earth - you can be on another place. So imagine what the place looks like. Some of you will pick Mars because you have photo's of it. You know pretty much what it looks like. A lot of the photo's you have are sufficient but if you pick some place else that's fine - not on Earth though.
Don't worry about the atmosphere - you will be here in your body, you will breathe, you will be comfortable but I recommend that you sit down or lie down during this. Then again feel the ground under your feet as best you can in that place and when you have that feeling - even if it is moist and you're not sure what it is - then you can touch something. Yes, it is safe. Picture it before you touch it.
It may be a stone, it may be something that resembles a building. If you happen to see, on the basis of what you are imagining or for some of you literally looking at, a person or an animal don't touch them even if they acknowledge you. Touch something else - they will know what you are doing.
I know some of you think that this is fantastic, meaning unbelievable, impossible, but the whole point of this blog is to bring to your attention that the impossible may just be more possible than you realize. It is my job, I feel, to remind you of your true capabilities in a spiritual and benevolent way and this is part two of the current homework towards that end. I will say more about this soon.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Pinkness said...

My experience with this exercise was so wonderful. I set my intention to go to a sister planet of Mother Earth in the Sirius star system.

When I got there, everything was cloudy green and I couldn't seem to touch ground, just floating in this green fog. So I set my intention to touch the surface under the fog and when I did, I could feel this green moss under my bare feet. Everything was still green, green, green, even the foggy air. I reached down and touched the moss, it felt so gentle and soft. I told it Good Life, breathed in the green fog and came back to myself.

Would love to hear other people's experiences.

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend, thank you for your detailed report and sharing on your experience and yes if other people wish to speak of theirs, they are always welcome to do so here.

Kirsten Wolfe said...

Hybrids from moon to mars to venus collecting water, emotion-> chemotropic breathers, inhaling exhaling regenerated life->purple planet, chanting, weightlessness blue molecules. Wow

Kirsten Wolfe said...

weightlessness...movement of dimensional energy frequencies in beautiful colors, music un-repetitive chanting, as no frequency was the same, peace, joy, space, love.