The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Feeling Enlightenment

Today I feel it would be good to talk a little bit about enlightenment. There is a little confusion about enlightenment. There is some thought that enlightenment is something that is achieved through years and years of study and then once one is "enlightened" that then one must practice and be that enlightenment at all times. It is important to honor those who have achieved enlightenment in this fashion and yet it does suggest that it is something that is a distant goal and not easily accomplished in any way without making a lifetime commitment.
Let us however look at this another way. All babies are born enlightened. This is suggestive is it not. If everyone is born enlightened than that suggests that to become enlightened is simply recapturing something to which you were born.
How might you do that? There are all manner of wonderful meditations and studies to help you to accomplish this but there is also something you can try that is a little easier and might just help you to feel somewhat of your own - born to enlightenment.
I would like you, even if you're left handed, to utilize the third finger of your right hand - alright - the one next to your little finger yeah - and just put it - lay your hand flat on your stomach and put that finger into your bellybutton very gently - don't shove it in. Just gently place it in there and leave it there with your hand flat on your stomach. Do this on your skin - alright. If it is cold where you are yes - and it may be - then slip your hand inside your clothing or do so when you are in the bed and covered by many blankets.
Then I would like you to try this - feel yourself being touched. Feel your finger touching your bellybutton. Then after you do that, for a minute or two, feel from your bellybutton - your finger touching it. This will be something that requires a significant amount of concentration. Please turn the ringers off on your telephones and to the best of your ability, make the place where you are as quiet as possible or have as few distractions. If you have earplugs you can use them because this is something that we're going to explore utilizing your physical resources.
If you feel yourself thinking - don't get mad, just stop and you will find that it is much easier to stop if you have something to totally concentrate on. You can alternate - a few minutes feeling your finger from your bellybuttons perspective eh - so your bellybutton is feeling your finger and then if you like you can go back and with your finger feel your bellybutton.
The purpose of this in time is to allow you to experience your physical nature and some of you will have moments of recall of actually being inside mother and feeling totally and completely safe. Safety is something that is a feeling as well as a condition and I feel that this is a good beginning way to explore it.
I will say more about this as time goes on and there will be comments from time to time on Mystical Man including something similar to this on another subject matter soon as well, that in a way builds on this. Practice this for, if you can, five or ten minutes a day for the next three weeks - not every day of course, because you will be doing other things. Try to practice it at least four or five times in the next three weeks and from time to time after that and in the future I will build on this.
It is my intention here to support you to realize - realize meaning not just think but think, feel, do - realize your own true physical capabilities and many of your physical capabilities are not strictly in your athletic prowess but also in the subtle. In the subtle you will find enlightenment. Physical enlightenment can be enlightening indeed.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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