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The Wand Position
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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sensing At A Distance

Energy is something that may not always determine your capacity in life. Do you know, perhaps some of you do, that electrical energy does run in your body compatibly though too much of it is overwhelming. Just a little bit as measured by science, in your brain and nervous system is nurturing to you. You all know of course that too much is not a good thing.

There has been some success in treatments for disorders that also use very subtle quantities of the stimulation to support the relief of symptoms. This I believe is called homeopathy. There will be over time more of these subtle treatments. This kind of subtlety or gentle approach is something that your body invites.

Sometimes of course you need emergency, massive care - no question about that but other times what is subtle and gentle is most welcome. I'd like you to test that out for yourself. This is just for fun alright, and is best done with a friend but you can do it with a lover or companion as well if you like.

Each of you - one go into one room and one go into the other but with a - just a wall between you. Then what I recommend is that you raise - one of you start alright - and you raise very slowly your right arm. The person in the other room who cannot see you of course, simply raise your right arm when you feel the other person is doing it and then the person who started it lower your right arm - do this slowly - this isn't trying to trick anybody and raise your left arm. Always do this raising and lowering very slowly.

There is a reason to start off with a wall in between you. I want you to be very clear that the reason is to heighten your sensitivity.

Now after doing that for a few minutes, as long as you like, don't compare notes - oh, when did you raise your arm, when did you lower your arm - just come out and go into another room.

You can turn the lights off - you can keep them on - it's up to you and stand about ten feet apart with your back to each other. This time the other person raise your left arm, lower your left arm, raise your right arm, lower your right arm very slowly. Just do it a few times for about five or ten minutes if you like. You can sit down if you choose - thats perfectly alright. Just raise your arms like that and lower them and the other person try to match what your friend or loved one is doing.

Then for a third time, turn around and face each other and do that with your eyes closed. Raising one arm, lowering the other slowly like that for a few minutes.

Then do it slowly again with your eyes open and the lights on so you can see each other. It may seem to be excessively repetitive and very silly. If you do this though about three or four different times you will find that you will get much more attuned to each other. You will find that even if you cannot see each other you will feel that you are raising your arms and lowering them, without seeing each other, at the same time.

This is done to heighten your sensitivity to each other and to be able to at times when necessary know what is happening without being able to see. This is sensing training. It is a capacity to see - training and more importantly it heightens your ability to be aware over distance.

You might reasonably wonder what it's for and I will build on this in the future but I will just give you a suggestion. There are times when you would want to know what is happening at a great distance to either a friend or a loved one or with a friend or a loved one or you would like to see at a great distance. This homework will support that.

You don't have to do it but it might be kind of fun and I'll tell you what - after you do it three or four times you can compare notes if you want to. It might be fun and it takes a lot of the edge off of trying to match numbers or shapes because that can become competitive. This isn't about competition. It's about becoming closer, becoming more sensitive and being able and yes - willing to learn.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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