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The Wand Position
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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Long Touch Homework - Part 2, 3 And More

Now those of you who've begun the homework for Long Touch, here is Part Two. Now that you have been able to feel at a distance something that you cannot actually touch it is time to put this into practice by doing the next level of homework.
For those of you who can go outside I would like you to look at something in the distance, preferably having nothing man-made in between your line of sight and what you are looking at.
If you must wear glasses or other corrective lenses then alright you can still try it but if there are electrical wires as far as you can tell between what you are looking at and your own eyes, try to look someplace else.
If you must be indoors then look at something farther away, as far away as possible and as neutral as possible - say a blank wall for instance. It could have an object on it and for those of you who must be indoors then reach towards that and follow its contours as best you can - feeling it as well as you can from a greater distance then the first level of homework.
Ideally though for those of you who can be outdoors - and you don't have to be standing right on the ground - you can if it is necessary be at a higher level - ideally I'd prefer you to be standing on the ground but if you need to be at a higher level then just do what you can, but lets say you're standing on the ground and looking at a hill in the distance - I'd prefer it if you're out in the country someplace or in a national park perhaps where the chances of there being something or someone on the top of the hill are lessened but do the best you can.
Reach from a distance - reach towards that hill. Remember that you are trying to feel something that you can't actually physically touch but you have done the homework before so you know what to do. If it is as far as you can tell a tree or a rock, touch it from a distance. Follow the contours as best you can and imagine what it feels like while you are attempting to touch it. You will have some sensation of touch - that is the goal.
Now I'm going to give you Part Three of the homework but you must do Part Two first if you want it to work.
When you go out or look at that same hill, reach now over the top of the hill to a tree or a rock on the other side of the hill. If you feel uncomfortable then reach in a different place. Any time you feel uncomfortable you are probably contacting something that's not good for you to touch. Always trust your feelings of discomfort, they will immediately tell you in your body yah - that you are in contact with something that is not good for you to touch - perhaps it would be an electrical wire or something like that that will give you uncomfortable feelings - it could be something else but if it feels neutral or good or warm in your body then follow the contours as best you can. It isn't important to know what it is - ideally it will be a tree or a boulder for that is close to Earth or of Earth.
I will give you more on this as time goes on including the application of benevolence. If you want extra credit homework - then you can reach for the Moon - distance is not a factor. Do the homework exactly the same as in Part Two alright.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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