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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Open Letter To My Friend Who Is Worried

Recently a friend of mine wrote to me about many things he was worried and concerned about. Because my answer to him, at least insofar as his worries went, was such that it felt important to include you - the greater community - in it I am sharing it with you here in two places on Blogger.

I hope you will feel reassured and know and understand that what I am teaching here is intended to improve the quality of your lives and to help you to improve the quality of the lives of others if you would care to learn and apply. It is always and only up to you.

Without further ado here is what I wrote to my good friend:

My friend, this is what I believe. The change that is coming is not one in the outer world. The change is going to simply be that people will see their outer world for the creation that it is and since they will be rapidly learning how to recreate, not in the old way with wars and harm and stealing and corruption but to recreate in a benevolent way, it will be much easier to change things for the better.

It is not an accident that I've been teaching about magic and benevolent magic at that for the past few years because that is what we naturally do when we are not on this planet and even when we are in a deep sleep state with our teachers and guides.

It will be much easier than you believe. It's not about living through the collapse of human creation anymore. It's about living through the recreation of human creation. It will be much easier than you think but it will require a letting go.

Here's the thing, if you're just letting go and the world is collapsing around you it can be tragic but if while you are letting go you are starting something new and recreating and working within the natural world of recreation which I have been doing for a while now it can be very benevolent indeed.

Zoosh* used to say - it's very hard to stop doing things but it's much easier to start doing things. That's intended you see because if you can include magic - not just the prayers, ja** those are very good but actually learning how to ask for things and learning new ways eh then it will be possible to create transformation of our world in a very quick and benign way. I have had much success doing these things working with other forms of life right here on this planet. I'm not talking about ET's. I'm talking about what people call animals and even the tiniest forms of naturally occurring elements of life.

There is so much love and co-operation that is available and I know that we can begin. I will continue to teach about Benevolent Magic, Living Prayer and True Magic and in time what I am teaching will become simpler and simpler. Right now it's as complicated as it's going to get and it will get much much simpler.

I'm writing this to you my friend but I'm also going to publish it without your name - only saying that this is an open letter to my good friend who is sometimes worried.


Sometimes in the past I have quoted some things, I have written to others, in blogs. I will continue to do this because I want you to know that I think of you as a community and I will include more and more of these things with you while protecting the identity and the privacy of those to whom I am writing.

I am hopeful that in time you will help each other and towards that end in Europe right now a friend of mine in co-operation with others is creating a site that will make it easier for you to exchange your experiences. I will say more about this in time but for now I just want you to know that that avenue is being worked on and that you will be able to stroll down it and perhaps meet new friends or even old ones. Goodlife.

*Zoosh is a profound and wonderful being whom I have channeled for many books and I'm sure you will be able to find out more about Zoosh and his wisdom if you read The Explorer Race for example.
**Ja is yes in German but more to the point it has to do with my Minnesota upbringing where a great many Germanic and Nordic peoples lived and many of their words quite naturally slipped into the local way of speaking. I've decided to just start writing them here in my blogs the way I actually speak in my life. It's a way of sharing my Minnesota traditions with you.


Anonymous said...

How perfect: "The change that is coming is not one in the outer world. The change is going to simply be that people will SEE THEIR OUTER WORLD FOR THE CREATION THAT IT IS…" Very nice, I like that!
Goodlife, Rick

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Rick, thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the post.


Margie said...

Thank you for sharing that letter!
It spoke to me...spoke to my heart!

You share so much wisdom here...thank you, Robert!


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Margie, so good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comments.