The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Safest Ways To Practice Magic

Prashant has asked a good question:

"...also I want to know why there are certain movements , physical gestures ( also I think in your Shaman book series of physical mastery ) are recommended. can't we just pray and ask for benovelent magic by speaking bit loudly from our heart without any movement ( in stillness) ?"

It has to do with True Magic. He wants to know why, putting it in my words here, it is necessary to do all the physical gestures and why you cannot sit quietly and change the words that are spoken - either in a Living Prayer or True Magic - to include more things you would like. These are reasonable questions and I will give you my answer now.

In order to accomplish the intention of the teaching as well as to welcome the outcome you are asking for in a most benevolent way it is necessary to be very specific and very clear.

The specificity of it has to do with eliminating any possible error. Sometimes errors can happen with the best of intentions and such intentions might seem to be magnanimous and loving but sometimes it can - as they used to say, "Throw a monkey wrench into the works."

So, to make it crystal clear especially for those of you who are easing into this work as compared to those like Prashant who have been on this path for a long time I wish to make it clear that the words are chosen with great care so that you will have the best outcome that is available. The gestures are primarily involved to amplify the effect and/or to make it very clear that what you are asking for is meant to serve the physical world.

The mind is not everything though it is a big help. By moving your body in such a way, and I will have video up about that hopefully later this year or early next year to show an example, then these motions will be intended to amplify and to create the best possible physical integrity - meaning outcome associated with the physical world - that you can produce.

I am also allowing for the fact that you are not all sitting here with me now getting training in the traditional fashion. This is a bit of a different thing on the Internet. Most of you getting this training I do not know personally and will never meet. Some of you I do know personally and some others I will meet in the future - I am sure of that.

So the reason for the gestures, the motions, the doing things in a very specific way, the asking for things either in Living Prayer, Benevolent Magic or True Magic in very precise words which is why they are in quotes is to make it the safest possible form of magic to make certain that all is benevolent including the outcome and to keep you on the path of learning. We are all on the path of learning, I am as well.

So, while I do not wish to sound like I am lecturing you and waving my finger in your face - it is rather that I am encouraging you to learn what you can while you are here and I will continue to offer what I am able while I am able. Goodlife to you all.

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