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The Wand Position
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

More On The Moon And Your Feeling Body

You have noticed, many of you, how many people are on edge - nervous and worried. I have spoken of these things before but I feel it's important to bring up this matter again. I do not expect you to be able to command calm nor do I recommend it but I do feel that there's something you need to know - for certain things happen with purpose. So this is a bit of an awareness tip-off.

There is a time towards the motion of the moon to reflecting less light that is important for you to note. When the moon gets to the last quarter and starts moving towards the new moon this is a time when people get less support for their feeling body.

The moon provides a great deal of support for your feeling body and as a result without that light and if you do not live near a large body of water - a lake, the sea for example - and even more so if you live or work in a large building and don't get out very much you might find yourself getting a bit more nervous and jumpy. I know some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. So, couple of suggestions.

During this time of the last quarter until the new moon and then also the new moon to the first quarter of the moonlight it's very important for you to pay attention not only to your own jumpiness or nervousness but also that in others.

So, suggestion. Try to be around bodies of water if you can - but many of you cannot. In which case if possible, get out and walk around unless your work or your activities take you outside. If you're able, move around briskly on your walk or if you're able run if you can or jog - only if you are able and it's healthy for you to do so. But there are some of you who cannot do this for various reasons - then I recommend you do this.

When the moon is more full than the first quarter but at least a day before the full moon, because the full moon has other activities that it supports, or when it's at least a day after the full moon and the moon is moving back towards that first quarter but is not quite there yet - if you are able look towards the moon in the sky and say the following Living Prayer. "I am asking that even when I am unable to access the moon energy or the energy of the natural water in the sea or in the lake or at the headwaters of a river or at the spring that I receive light from the moon or extra light from the sun or extra light from Creator and Angels and other beings of light and love to support my feeling body and the feeling bodies of all beings."

That's what I recommend you do. Goodlife.

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