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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Be Careful What You Inhale, Part 1

Do you know that you inhale through your left arm and left hand? Many people do not know that. There is also a significant amount of inhaling that goes on through your left foot and left leg.

The left side of your body is generally the receptive side and the right side is generally the doing side - meaning the application side.

I'm bringing this up because I am currently teaching some advanced work on my A Mystical Man's World blog and I want to cover a different aspect of the interactions I'm speaking about there here on Benevolent Magic.

Many of you have, as a result of reading these blogs, learned how to clear yourselves as you might find here or here - if you did not know how to do that before you came here - and that's good because I'm sure you've had a lot of good use out of that already but this is something that's by way of a tip to pay attention to.

We do so many things don't we, that we don't really think about because it's part of our mundane every day - day to day world eh? One of the things we do is we touch things or we interact with things with our left arm and hand.

For example we might throw a light switch or we might adjust a thermostat or we might work the controls on the microwave. In short, we might touch things with our left hand that are specifically connected to something electrical. Some of these things are unavoidable such as typing on a computer for example, we all know that one eh but other things can be minimized - and what am I talking about - minimized?

This is the situation. Electricity, I believe, is something that is a portion of Mother Earth's body and while she somewhat grudgingly allows us to utilize her electricity it is in the nature of that electricity that it wants to be free and needs to move on about its own business. When we capture it, as I see it, utilizing generators and other equipment that allows us to run our appliances it remains in an agitated state.

Many of you know that electricity needs to be boosted up as it travels in distribution wires to our homes, offices and factories and it has to be regulated and many other things I'm sure you can explore on your own if you're interested in how it works but the important thing for us here today is that it's always trying to get out and it's looking for any way possible.

So, what happens very often - since we have electricity to a slight degree in our own bodies what with synapses in our brain and nervous system - is that the electricity when we touch something like an electrical switch especially with our left hand might unintentionally - very minor of course and not directly also of course because of safety standards with these objects - we might unintentionally take in some of that tension from the electricity being in the wires.

We're not taking in the electricity per se but we're taking in its tension - its desire to get out and about and do what it does naturally with Mother Earth. So if you notice a lot of tension in your body and there's no other reason to explain it it might just be because of this interaction with electricity and there's a certain amount of that tension in any modern home, office or factory that is wired for electricity so it's hard to avoid.

So try to do your clearing on a regular basis and I will have a little more to say next time. Goodlife.

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