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The Wand Position
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Truth Perception, Part 2

Last time I spoke about a means to help you to detect truth in people, groups of people, situations and so on. Today I'm going to expand on that.

First I recommend that you do something that is a little simple okay? I want you to get something like - oh say thick card stock. If they're still making note cards, 3 by 5 note cards would be fine.

Take 5 cards all exactly the same color and on 3 of them write down something that you know is true. Keep it simple. The sky is blue - something like that or - the sun is in the sky, the stars are out at night - things that you know are true - okay?

Then on the other 2 cards write down something false that you know for a fact is false. Earth as approached from space is pink - alright - something like that that you know for a fact is not true - alright. It can be anything. Try to make it something that's not judgmental - alright.

The same applies to the true thing that you wrote. Lets not have any judgment or anger. It has to be neutrally true, neutrally false - you understand?

After you've written those things down I want you to flip them over and place them on a surface that has nothing else on it, like a table - okay - and move them around. Don't have somebody else move them around, just move them around - and move them around for a good 5 minutes until you have no idea what's where. When you stop moving them make sure they're separated by at least a foot from each other.

Then do what you did last time and what you've been practicing. Extend into the stone, then connect to the sun. Then I want you to move towards the table where the cards are or if you prefer you can begin doing this where the cards are.

If you're doing this outdoors and it's a card table then it's alright to put a little tape down after you move the cards around and tape the cards down so that the wind doesn't blow them around - okay? Just tape them on one side so they can still be flipped over.

After you have made your connection with the mountain and the sun go over to the table, have a pencil handy and just write. Point with your right hand if you are right handed and/or point with your left hand if you are left handed and see if you can get the feeling of which card is the truth as you wrote it and which card is false as you wrote it.

Don't think about it. Go with your feelings and just take the pencil and quickly put "T" on the back side of the truth cards and "F" on the others. After that go back to your connection with the stone and the sun.

Thank the sun in the following way. Simply say out loud, "I am thankful for the suns joining me in this process of my perception." Then thank the stone. If it is a mountain you can say that word. You can say, "I am thankful that the stone (or the mountain you could say) has been helping me in my perception of truthfulness."

Wait a few minutes then relax. Walk around for a little bit. I know you're curious about the cards - don't rush over and turn them over. After you've walked around and maybe enjoyed the place your in then you can turn the cards over. Remember this isn't about dazzling yourself with capabilities you didn't know you had so much. It's about practice.

The thing you're looking for, before you turn the cards over and all during this process, is what feelings you had in your body when detecting the truth or what is false.

Regardless of how it turns out for you - practice this more than once. It's something you can do over time. After a while you won't need to make the connection to the mountain or the stone because your body will be more familiar with the physical but try to make the connection to the sun regularly. It supports the Earth and will give you strength.

I'll say more about these things in time. Goodlife.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. The "truth" is truly an interesting word, isn't it? Are you suggesting that connecting to rocks, mountains and the sun, may give us a stronger connection to Source than through our clogged filters? While most would agree that the sky is blue, it seems that there are many, many "truths" on the planet today. What really is "truth?" How can we search for the knowledge of "truth?" Maybe we all have our own "truths" and we're learning to be patient and tolerant with other people's "truths?"
Love, Dawn

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Dawn, good to hear from you.

Of course you know in this case, truth is not a mental experience. It is not about a thought or a fact.

The purpose of seeking truth as a physical feeling in your body is so that you can recognize a truth for you on the basis of what your physical body tells you as compared to other feelings that you may not recognize from within.

Generally speaking what I'm attempting to share with people when I refer to feelings is a means to know and identify your bodies physical language to you. This is also a portion and a great one at that of instinct.

If we all lived by instinct I believe we would know who, what, where and when and we may not even have to know why.

Thank you for your comments my friend. Goodlife.