The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Truth Perception, Part 1

There are moments aren't there, when you have doubts and justifying them is - oh too easy. I know that one as well. It's hard isn't it, to believe in sincerity whether you are being sincere to others or whether others are being sincere to you.

This of course has a great deal to do with your life experience and of course your cultural training, perhaps religious background, other influences, family and so on. And yet there are certain ways that truth can be differentiated.

I have found that using feelings are the most clear ways but there are other ways. I'm going to speak a little bit about that.

One of the other ways is to make a good connection with a natural portion of Earth - a large rock - best if it's around other rocks not just isolated by itself as you find in some areas where glaciers have come and gone. A mountain - possibly even a very old, very big tree but there's not that many of them around any more is there and they're often by themselves in an area perhaps of new growth or even all alone.

I would recommend some element of the Earth itself especially as it is still connected to the earth - meaning not necessarily a stone you would hold in your hand.

Then as I've suggested in the past here and here for example extend - do not leave your body - just extend from your body into the stone so that you have your physical feelings in your body and you are aware of any physical changes that you feel in your body, usually something would be added rather than subtracted, as you merge with the stone.

In doing this try to make certain that the stone is a minimum of 50 feet away from you alright - if it's farther that's fine but if it's at a great distance then it may be necessary to look towards the top of the mountain into an area where you're pretty sure there's nothing man-made.

After you have done that then while remaining extended into the stone but in your physical body as well of course, look towards the sun in the sky - just a quick glance and include the sun in the process. Work on this over the next week or so but I will give you more soon.

This is not intended to replace any means you use to know whether someone is telling the truth but it is designed to give you an alternative means to know whether a situation, whether a person, whether a group may have another agenda.

Sometimes people are telling the truth but with the underlying agenda the truth can be compromised - you know this. Even the innocent do this - children will often tell the truth but have another agenda and equally the same can be said for parents. This does not make them wrong or bad it just simply is a comment on our multifaceted existence here on Earth.

Don't automatically assume that another agenda is something bad. It might simply be, in the case of my example above in the child, a need to be loved no matter what and the same might be said for the parent. How many times have parents had to discipline their children and worried, especially when they were younger parents, are they ever going to forgive me. Of course as one gets older you change your demeanor - time and experience eh.

Now you work on that homework and we'll do part 2 soon. Goodlife.

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