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The Wand Position
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Helping Yourself With Your Own Assistance, Part 1

As I've been saying for a long time - everything is alive - and now I feel it's important for you to begin to put it into practice.

I would like you to make it personal. Keep in mind that your body is laid out in certain ways so you're not going to sprout wings and fly from place to place. So keep it in alignment with what is realistic and grounded - meaning practical/realistic, the sort of thing that can be lived with eh.

So...nevertheless if everything is alive and we know that a tremendous amount of co-operation takes place simply for life to exist - consider all of the tiny micro-organisms in our body making up larger and larger and larger things including our physical body in its totality - then there's already a level of co-operation. You do not have to encourage micro-organisms to be co-operative, they are naturally co-operative. Granted there are some that go their own way but then for the most part there's co-operation.

Now all this is building up to something. I am not going to claim that this is the magic potion to heal all ills but I would like you to try something for I believe it has value.

This has to be something that is personal that has to do with your body. So think about something in your body that may need to be healed.

It might simply be a small wound that you have perhaps playing sports or you bumped yourself and it may be healing fine but if it isn't then that would be a candidate. Then you might have something else - perhaps long term that's a bit nagging, a bit uncomfortable, hard to take sometimes but you're used to it and you know how to put up with it or how to treat it and you found ways to help yourself.

That might also be a candidate or it might be a temporary pain or ache for which there is no great cause - it's just a strained muscle perhaps. Things like that - nothing major or catastrophic.

I don't want you to avoid going to see the doctor for doctors are all part of the whole world of medicine. Wholistic medicine in my point of view relates to all forms of medicine and treatment. So don't eliminate the doctor because you think the doctor is not part of that. That's what I recommend.

Now after you've determined the ache or pain that you have this is what I recommend you do. First ask for all the energies that are benevolent and available for you to be all around you, to be near you and to be able to pass in and out and through you so that they can function to the best of their ability to support you and your wishes.

Then after you give that a minute or two say these words, and remember when I put words in quotes if you expect them to work well you will say them exactly the way I have printed them.

I recommend you say, "I request that all of the micro-organisms that make up my body in the area of..." and then you state the place where you have the pain.

If you don't know the area than just put a hand or something on it and say - in this place - that's good enough. If you can think of the ailment by name then you can name it. Don't be saying anything angry about it. Remember you're asking for co-operation - alright.

Now continuing with the words to say, "...mutate and evolve if necessary into a more benevolent form for me that my discomfort be resolved in the most benevolent way for me now resulting in the most benevolent outcome for me."

Now remember, if at any time during saying those words you feel a strong presence of energy - stop saying the words, even if it happens before you start saying the words okay, wait until the energy fades a bit. That energy will tell you that there is great support for what you are asking.

When that energy fades you can then continue on with the words. Remember if at any time a rush of energy comes in pause and then when it fades continue on until you get to the end of those words that I've suggested in quotes.

Then after you have said those words stop for a moment and just wait calmly. Do not be attached to any outcome but welcome a happy arrival.

I cannot say that it will help but it may. Remember always in cases like this that you are requesting something and there may be a good reason for it not to take place but if it does take place then always consider things like that to be a gift. In this case it would be the micro-organisms gifting you that transformation.

Next time we will review something that I feel is important for you as well. Goodlife.


Anonymous said...

Hello Robert, I really admire how you understand so well "Spiritual Healing" of heart, body and mind.I use these practices often.I'm dealing with another issue lately of requesting help from outside sources. One of my many addictions has been a strength addiction. To strong to ask for help at times. I broke my back in the military 20 years ago. Iv'e worked with it exercised with it to finally realize . Iv'e mutated myself. I'm finally after 20 years of pain and flustration filing a VA disability claim . Denial in anything is the hardest thing to overcome. You want to be strong for events in your life but for me I guess it's not being afaird to ask for help. Sometimes I think that is the healing we could use. Thank you ,Vince and gowell !!!!

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Vince. I remember so very well when I was taught how to ask for help.

We're not really encouraged to do that as men are we. As a matter of fact we're discouraged from asking for help in our early conditioning - even though our parents or the adults that raised us might be open to that all we have to do is to get to school or other institutions and bang - don't ask for help and be a rugged individualist.

Ah but times are changing. We can't do everything for ourselves and this site that I'm putting up here is all about asking for help.

So I can identify my friend and it does get easier over time.