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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Masculine Energy And The Moon

Recently Patrice who reads this blog regularly left a comment about my recent posting on the the moon.

I felt he asked a good question and that this response might help some of you who may have considered similar questions yourself and so here is Patrice's question with my answer:

"In this story about the moon and the feminine. I agree with you about this return of the feminine energy, I feel SHE somehow but do you have any suggestion about how to feel this specific energy compared with the masculine in ourselves? I don't mean understand but FEEL..."

Patrice, thank you for your input here. To respond as best I can to your query about the masculine energy - in order to bring about the benefits you suggest using the masculine energy it is always best to use physical motion.

I would recommend that you consider the feelings involved in the posting about the moon and that you stand comfortably someplace - ideally barefoot and that you move your physical body not unlike the way an interpretive dancer would move - not with pleading motion, not with demanding motion but with the motion of gratitude, flexibility and embracing the demonstrable feelings in my posting, The Benevolence of the Moon.

I feel that this is something you can do without an elaborate ceremony. The advantage of that is that it can be done anywhere including in a hotel room.

Remember - if you can interpret these things into motion physically in the form of dance, you will express the masculine without the need for dances portrayed in the fictional film industry which always appear in old style films to be warlike.

Here you have a dance you create yourself to support peace, comfort, value and yes - an awareness of ones own value.

Goodlife my friend.


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,

Thank you for this new insight.
Started to work with the moon and the the weather was cloudy and no moon visible I did it as a visualisation and felt very deeply the energy of the moon...felt also what I presume is the "masculine part"...not as we imagine it traditionnally, more soft and loving, like holding the feminine in motion...
Goodlife Brother!

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend Patrice, thank you for your comment and all its detail. It is good with such details to demonstrate your experience that others might consider their own and compare and perhaps share.
Goodlife my friend.