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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Consider for a moment the hostility that we all feel when we feel we've been slighted, overlooked or otherwise mistreated according to our own sense of personal value.

There is a time coming now which has already started some places that will dramatically correct this situation. Some of you have already experienced it.

It is a situation where you will find that people you do not know - most often strangers on the street or perhaps in a bus or even in a restaurant - will simply strike up a conversation with you without any strings attached or any need or desire for it to turn into anything but a momentary conversation that will feel almost like you're having a talk with an old dear friend.

These moments of conversational intimacy will become increasingly frequent and this is a trend that will not go away.

For those of you who might be uncomfortable with such a thing, nows the time to consider whether you could get used to it.

Remember the ultimate value of it is that you will begin to feel more important yes but also more recognized as a valuable human being simply for being. You don't have to prove anything. You don't have to say - I do this - I did that - none of that. You'll just be recognized as being valuable by whoever it is that's talking to you.

Now here's the other part. You yourself will feel an increasing desire bordering on need for the next three to six months to do exactly the same thing - to speak to people you don't know - hello, greetings, I've had a rough day - whatever - and it won't go away even if the person appears to be ignoring you.

Granted, in some instances they'll speak a different language or they won't understand the way you speak but for the most part they'll be shy and not unlike you - when this happens to you - for many of you - they won't know how to react. Fortunately you'll all have this time to adjust to this.

This is a time now when people are really over the experience of being overwhelmed by circumstances, by life and by the sense of so many, so much and what to do about all the change.

Interestingly enough also, you will find that these conversational contacts will happen regardless of age.

Someone who speaks to you might not be in any way like the sort of person that you would normally find makes the first step towards a conversation.

Of course friendships will dramatically increase during this time. The sense of having allies unknown to you before this time will also be very encouraging and will feel like a sense of support coming to you from an unseen and welcome place. This feeling of having allies and what definitely feels like friends that exist all over not just in your immediate neighborhood will also be a great comfort.

This is needed now because people not only feel that their sense of estrangement or even alienation cannot go on - they cannot bear it - but it is also needed because everyone, I feel - and this is what I do believe, recovers their own sense of personal dignity and their sense of feeling good about life and about life's possibilities with this kind of communication.

I feel this is a time of communion where - in these snippets of conversation you will feel a true sense of belonging to life itself - to the human race - to Earth and beyond through these moments of connection to the family of all peoples.

Enjoy this adventure. I feel it will for the most part, be a wonderful experience and will really restore your faith - even if you've never had it - in the value of life and most importantly in the value of your own life and your own future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Kirsten said...

I really like this post, Robert,

I've been on both sides of this experience. Even today - an acknowledged smile with a sense of familiarity, and meaningful eye contact between me and a stranger kind of sort of made my day...weird but true. Other than that, and even though I'm usually shy in these cases, small talk with strangers in passing is something that makes me feel great and I always feel is very important.

Thank you!

Robert Shapiro said...

Kirsten, thank you for the example of your experience. It does help to point out how this can work and perhaps more importantly how it can be a personally rewarding experience.
I appreciate your comments.
Goodlife my friend.