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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lets Take A Step In A More Benevolent Direction

Now today I'm going to tell you a little something and I'm going to make suggestions afterwards.

It is possible to assist those struggling in strife or in natural disasters.

These things happen on a regular basis with Mother Earth - earthquakes, fires, floods - often part of her natural cycle. Granted, sometimes contributed to by the actions of or lack of same by human beings.

Still, I know many of you want to be of assistance and many of you have struggled with this - how to help and how to help in a way that is benevolent.There is the difficult part isn't it because you often want to take some kind of action but how to take action in a benevolent way. I'm going to suggest a course of action here now.

There was a time once when a struggle was going on and the struggle had to do with people opposing each other. The trouble with people opposing each other is that there's a tendency to overdo it - one-upmanship takes over doesn't it, "You did that to me, I'll do double that back to you" and there is a sense of rationalization that takes place doesn't it.

"I'll do double that back to them and then they'll stop because they'll see what it gets them." Like that, you know but how often has that turned into complete disaster as we see very often from the headlines that we read about or worse - if we are in the middle of it eh.

So I'm going to suggest this - it does border on interference, I agree but because it has been done successfully it can be done. This is what I'm going to suggest and it involves the following Living Prayer.

There is something to do before you say this. For those of you who know how to invite benevolent energies in, do that first and while you are saying this let it be of simple comfort - the energy you see.

If the energy should amplify and you feel it more then pause, allow it to relax a bit when it is done with its amplification and then go on and say the rest of the words. Anytime the energy builds, relax - allow it to build and then when it relaxes say the rest of the words.

I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings involved in strife whether they be this one or that one, whether I favor them, whether I favor other - that they all be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way and that whoever is causing harm to them intentionally or otherwise also be insulated and protected and that this all results in the most benevolent outcome now."

There's a reason why I say that this borders on interference but you see it's important to say it anyway. It borders on interference because people come here to learn lessons and sometimes the lessons that are learned are difficult and very often effect others but you see, given the level of edginess yes and the level of weaponry that exists today I feel that such influence that we are requesting with this Living Prayer can be benevolent and in my experience it is.

I said I was going to say a little something - I will say that. Do you know that it is possible to influence the physical organisms of the planet.

It is possible to say Living Prayers and physical organisms actually change - not necessarily ones that function under the influence of will such as the determination to do something that us human beings will exercise even if we are doing something that is harmful to ourselves or others but there is a deeper level of function that is biological and is connected to all things, to all beings, to all people and this functions on the micro level.

Cells, organisms, all of these things while they might temporarily bow to the will - will generally go along with the harmony that life entails here for there is a great deal of harmony which must exist here in order for life to perpetuate.

We all understand the wheel of life and how its nature supports one another. In order to co-ordinate the wheel of life then the co-operation must exist on the biological level, the spiritual level and yes - with instinct and most importantly with co-operation.

Co-operation is occurring more and more these days though it isn't always obvious. Sometimes it needs a little support and sometimes it needs a little more than support. I'm suggesting today that you say this Living Prayer because it is support and in some ways a little more than support and it will - I believe - support, sustain and nurture human life to express its best face.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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