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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Benevolence Of The Moon

Consider the leaves on a tree - how they turn very gently to embrace the sun and very gently to embrace the moon. For those of you who are observers of nature you have seen these things.

Is it possible that we also as human beings observe the sun and embrace the moon - I believe it is. I believe that the experience of the sun cycle and the moon cycle feeds something deep within us.

I am not suggesting that if we do not stand out in the midday sun or walk about at the height of the moonlight - that we will not be healthy but I am saying that some sunlight on our bodies and some moonlight on our bodies is actually healthy, I believe.

We all know and there has been a great deal of scientific research of the beneficial effects of the sun, granted with some warnings about too much. I do not feel however that there has been much discussion of the value and benefits of moonlight.

The assumption is strictly that, "Well, this is reflected sunlight" but why would Creator feel the need or believe that we had the need to experience moonlight.

In my experience the moon reflects not only the sunlight and the light of other stars but also reflects the water. That is what I believe and I feel that for the water and fluids in our body that exposure to moonlight is helpful and beneficial.

I believe there has been some research done on this and if you look, especially in Asian research of old and in native peoples stories of old you will find it.

How does this benefit you and what can you do with it. This is what I feel - now we are in the time of the feminine energy and how can that be supported and nurtured.

I believe it can be supported and nurtured, even if there is no one in your life to do that for you or if that is a temporary situation, by exposing yourself to moonlight - perhaps on your bare arms, perhaps on your lower legs and feet and most importantly on your face.

If you can be someplace where the predominant light is moonlight, I believe you will be nurtured in your feminine energy - and we all have that - men and women - and you will also experience a rejuvenation of the flow of fluids in your body. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe by my experience.

I'd recommend a experiment if you'd like. If you can, go someplace where you can experience moonlight as the predominant influence. Experience as best you can one hour of moonlight on your face, hands and feet - if it is on other parts of your body that is fine but most importantly on your face, hands and feet.

Do this for three nights in a row and of course have some sunlight during the day if you like.

I believe that you will find that your dreams are more comfortable and nurturing, that your ability to get along with women and other feminine influences will also be heightened.

This means of course that your ability to receive will be heightened. I think many of you know what that might mean.

This is something I recommend you try for that period of time - just three days for about an hour a night. If it works for you feel free to share how it works here or simply experience it for yourself. If it doesn't, then wait thirty days and try it again. I believe that in time you can have this great benefit of the moon.

Moon now has the capacity to influence the fluids of our body more than ever and I feel that this form of moon nurturing will give us much of the love, support and nurturing we miss and need and can benefit from.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Steve said...

The moon has come into the limelight in the past days for me, once driving I had to pull over to look at the beauty of the moon. And once with friends the full moon was observed in all its splendor. I find receiving difficult.. the things I open to are not always comfortable to accept or receive. And so over time I've become callous to receiving, especially without giving in return. I appreciate however the chance to expand that part of me.. I will give it a try and do the exercise you've written about. Thank you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, I have found that in the past one of the more difficult lessons I had to learn but also one of the most worthy was to learn how to ask for help.

It is not unusual is it in our society that men are discouraged to do this most necessary thing and yet sometimes we must make the effort.

When I asked for help it was promptly offered by a complete stranger to me and it was much appreciated.

I am hopeful that you will be able to make that leap. Sometimes it will be more difficult than others and yet other times you might just appreciate what arrives and don't forget, it is always possible to do a good deed in return which I know will make you feel very comfortable.

Goodlife to you my friend and may your road become easier with each passing mile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, long time!
Are you busy recently? Feel your blog a bit quiet....
In this story about the moon and the feminine. I agree with you about this return of the feminine energy, I feel SHE somehow but do you have any suggestion about how to feel this specific energy compared with the masculine in ourselves? I don't mean understand but FEEL and also I suppose that getting the right Feel may help us to welcome more and more of this Isis nature in us...

Goodlife Dear Robert

Seven said...

Your description and the explanation behind it is intriguing. My wife seems to have some sort of unique connection to the moon. She often drags me out of the house to 'look at the moon'. Sometimes I just see a moon, and I am a little frustrated to be taken away from what I was doing. We should all have your and my wife's sensitivities. We would surely find more peace. Thanks for the revelation.

radicalove said...

Namaste, Robert, and thank you for these wise cues that are catalyzing my process… Such deep mysteries: Water; feeling; nurturance; magnetics; receptivity, receiving; Moon... While I’m more oriented to Western astrology overall, I was blown away by the excellent Vedic astrologer Edith Hathaway’s explanation that their system holds the Moon as most prominent, because Moon’s position shows our present capacity to *Receive the Light* (of the Sun) as souls learning Here -- to consciously navigate and integrate the rich, many-leveled growth opportunities offered Here within all we Draw Into our lives... So, what a lovely feeling it is to Imagine Opening to deeper levels of All those organic capacities, *simply* by basking in Moon’s magical effulgence... Thank you for reminding me of this effortless Stretch into the realm of Divine Feminine...

Re-Balancing the intense Mental-body focus necessary for so many of us to survive life-thus-far, back into its natural context of Harmony with Heart/Feeling/Spirit Presence in the Moment, is quite the journey for me, my friend, and I’m very grateful for your offerings here which offer it so much support!

Love, Susan

Robert Shapiro said...

Seven, thank you your most special compliment here and please present my compliments to your wife who has felt the beauty of the moon and since she feels for you has decided to make you a special student as well.
I wish you many blessings on your journey in life - the both of you. Goodlife my friend.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Susan at Radicalove for your most enlightening comments.

I do appreciate so very much when people comment here and provide their own wisdom and life experience that has enlightened their own path and offers an example to others.