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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Your Feeling Heart's Contribution To Instinct

Consider the different parts of your body. On this site we talk at great lengths about the heart because there is a strong sense of heart awakening going on.

Did you know that some people consider that we have two hearts - one where we know it is and the other on the other side. Some people consider that to be the physical heart - meaning that you get feelings there that are associated with what's going on in your physical world - usually your immediate physical world.

Now I know that physically speaking you have your stomach there and muscle tissue and bones and so on but the reason I call it another heart is that one often gets feelings there that are similar to the physical feelings you get on the side of your body where your heart actually is.

So I'm bringing it up because the physical feelings you get with that second heart usually co-ordinate with something direct and immediate.

Often it is considered to be something that either represents a problem for you in that moment or can on occasion represent an opportunity but it is more challenging to read that heart. You might feel a sense of warmth which is for me the best way to know that something is a good thing for me but there are other times when you are simply aware of it.

These times when you feel a sense of discomfort usually means that it's good to move away from where you are in that moment. It doesn't mean that there is a dangerous threat but there might be something that would be good to avoid or step away from - a feeling of discomfort there you understand.

I'm not talking about acid-indigestion like you might feel in your stomach, I'm talking about an actual feeling. So here's what I'm going to suggest in order to help you to attune yourself to the awareness of the different feelings - for those of you who have been working on feeling the warmth in your physical heart, your actual heart you know, see if you can also try to feel the warmth in your feeling heart - that's what that other one is called - at least it's what I've been taught to call it.

It is often the case when you feel the warmth in your physical heart that it spreads across your chest and you feel it in both hearts and sometimes even radiating to your upper arms. This is a good nurturing state of being for you but when you are feeling your physical heart - the warmth in that area specifically - then also try to feel it where your feeling heart is. Your feeling heart has to do, as I say with your immediate environment.

Practice feeling the warmth there where your feeling heart is and also take note if you get physical feelings there. That's the area that warns you that something may or may not be good to avoid but most likely represents something that would be good to move out of the way of - perhaps a car coming up fast behind you that you just hadn't noticed.

Perhaps somebody walking up an aisle in your general direction - not meaning to walk towards you but just happens to be in the area where you are who is angry or upset - maybe somebody you don't know. Perhaps you can walk across the street or step aside and let them go by.

This isn't because they necessarily represent a danger or a threat to you though that's possible but so that their energy does not come to close to you and you might pick up something from them that could be unsettling or uncomfortable.

I want to give you these kind of homeworks you see because it helps you to attune. Practice on it first for a time before you jump to any conclusions okay but know that if you cannot feel it than simply focus on the warmth in your heart if you can do that and let it spread out to your right side of your chest as well. You might simply need to nurture that area for a while until you can feel both of your hearts. I'll build on this in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Kirsten said...

When I begin 'the heat', I usually concentrate on the center of my chest where it develops and spreads naturally in that area. I don't really think about my heart. Gee, maybe I should! As perhaps it would improve the experience somehow.

Thank you, Robby!

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Kirsten,
It is perfectly alright to do the heat at the center of your chest - that is alright. It is alright also to do it from the heart. It's entirely up to you - whatever works best for you and has the best results is fine.
Goodlife my friend.