The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Assimilating, Observing And Applying Techniques To Create, Part 2

Now that you have experimented a bit touching or protecting or shielding your solar plexus or your navel area then I'd like you to attempt something.

For those of you who have television or watch television this will be easier because it's quick and simple and I'll give that instruction first.

Put on a program on television that is as benign as you can find - perhaps something about people - oh - working in their gardens - this is not meant to be something that is necessarily entertaining to you, it can be though - that is alright.

It doesn't have to be a garden show but it can be. Something that is not controversial to you, that does not upset you and perhaps even bores you just a little bit - and put your arms down at you side.

It's alright to have your palms on you legs if you are sitting alright, but we don't want your belly button or your solar plexus to be covered by your arms - of course it's perfectly alright to have clothing on or even a blanket if you happen to be in bed.

Watch it for a time and then just turn it off and relax - a time meaning perhaps ten minutes. If the advertising comes on be sure and either turn it off during the advertising or turn it to something completely neutral - meaning a station upon which there is nothing - then turn it back when you feel the programing may be on or if you prefer let that segment alone be the support for what we're doing.

You will notice your body is somewhat relaxed - some of you might feel anticipation because your body is prepared to react.

Many of you are aware of the term - the fight or flight reaction, in your body. Both of these reactions stimulate almost the same chemicals in your body - there is a slightly different chemical that is natural to your body according to one or the other but most of the body chemistry is at least similar in either reaction.

Then without drawing any conclusions I'd like you to put on a program for a few moments that's at least exciting - it doesn't have to be violent but something that's exciting or tense - just have that on for about two minutes, that's enough.

Notice how you feel physically. You're actually experiencing the fight or flight feeling in your body or at the very least - excitement.

Now this is an important step because you will need to understand physically what's going on and how you are artificially stimulating the discomfiture in your body.

So after the two minutes or so of that program, turn it off. You will simply have noticed during that, the change of physical feeling in your body.

The important thing to note here is that what you take in - and you take things in from your belly button much more that you do in your mind - your mind functioning in a filtering state almost all the time - your belly button being completely exposed - really - almost all the time - what you take in then is immediately reacted to by your solar plexus throwing out as much defenses or pushing life away as much as possible. In the case of excitement, sometimes. In the case of fear or agitation or stress, all the time.

Think what aspects in your life cause you stress. Do you really want to stimulate and support stress artificially with these television programs?

Now for those of you who do not watch television very much, then take note of these things in life. Perhaps you will be someplace where people are arguing, then you can cover your belly button as best you can - even slide your hand down over it as you walk by the people or drive by perhaps or ride by - then release and allow yourself the exposure, underneath your clothing of course. If possible, turn your body to the point where you feel less stress or cover that part of your body.

I know this is complicated and I don't wish to make it too much so. The whole point is this, what your belly button feels or takes in or you might simply say receives in life whether it is a part of your actual life or associated with something that is artificial as in television or even theatre - your solar plexus always reacts to whether it is real or artificially stimulated.

Sometimes this prompts you to push away an opportunity or a good possibility - perhaps an opportunity to create, support or perpetuate a relationship or friendship. Sometimes you might miss an opportunity in career or in some other pursuit you are looking forward to.

I know this is a lot of homework - and then I have to describe things at length because there is no illustrative methods here available to me at this time for you. Still, I feel that it is worth your experimentation. I will build on this in the future.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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