The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Assimilating, Observing And Applying Techniques To Create

There is a place now for each and every one of us that co-ordinates directly with our physical reality.

It is a place that's remarkably unprotected and there is something that we can all do to protect it, to nurture it and to recognize that its safety has everything to do with our creations in life and that place is our solar plexus.

Did you know that our reality is largely perceived and created from that general area of our bodies. When you think about it, it makes complete sense.

After all our belly button, or our navel as it's called, is right below the solar plexus and don't you think that Creator would quite naturally place the connection from the life giving energy of mother to baby in the exact place that is meant to draw our attention.

The belly button, or the navel, is the place of reception and the solar plexus is the place of creation - meaning that what you take in in the general area of your belly button is what is thrust out in the general area of your solar plexus.

I'm not being exactly precise here because there is some variances from individual to individual.

I'm mentioning this not because it's such a revelation to some of you but because it's important to remind yourself that certain places in your body benefit from being covered when there is stressful situations.

I recognize that this is not always possible but have you not noticed that belt buckles very often are elaborate and large.

This is not only a styling statement but when the pants are worn in the appropriate location - this is not a styling criticism on my part - the appropriate location meaning so that the belt buckle centers when necessary over the belly button - then at those occasions when you feel stress - not necessarily meaning that something is happening to you but something is happening around you - perhaps people are arguing - if you cannot actually move away from the scene then you can discretely either pull your pants up or down just a little bit so that you can get that piece of metal over your belly button.

Normally it's not good to do this. If you were to reach down right now with one of your hands and cover your belly button you might feel a little uncomfortable but if you're in a stressful situation and you do that you'll probably feel a little better. Try it, you'll see - and experiment with it.

It's no accident that when people are stressed or annoyed or upset that they often cross their arms - over your chest? No, if you actually notice it, it's lower than that and that's an attempt unconsciously to get your arms over your belly button or at least over your solar plexus.

You'd be surprised how often people will cross their arms over their solar plexus if they feel angry and they are unconsciously attempting to avoid reacting - perhaps saying something you'll regret later - we all know that one eh.

So this is the beginning of something that I'm going to build on more in the future. For right now I just want you to observe. It won't take that much trouble on your part.

Many of you work or are simply exposed to stressful situations as a part of life even if they do not directly concern you.

Try it and if you feel yourself getting angry and are afraid you're going to say something that you'll regret, cross your arms over your solar plexus or put your hands over that.

You know sometimes you're talking on the phone and people are agitated - just put your arm or your hand over that part of your body and it will tend to calm that area that reacts.

I'll say more about the benevolent aspect of what the solar plexus does and how you can encourage your belly button, meaning your navel, to be exposed to that which is benevolent or to support the exposure of that part of your body to the benevolent aspects of life and thence train your solar plexus to respond in kind. I'll say more about that soon but for now I'd just like you to try to experiment. It might be interesting for those of you who have not already done this - I know many of you have.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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