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The Wand Position
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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Ever Traveling World Of The Familiar

There is a place within the hearts of all beings that is a point of complete familiarity.

We are all on this earth made up of the same matter. An ant, a cow, a dog, a cat, a fish, a bird, a human being.

Yes, we have different sparks of Creator in us and we have different personalities but how often have you noted that a cat or a dog or even a horse that you have experienced in your life in the past is experienced again in a way when you meet another one of those beings and they remind you in many ways of one you've known before - and think how it is with human beings too - how you sometimes meet a human being that reminds you so much of someone you've known before.

Oh they may not look like them but the personality is similar and then there's those times that you see someone that looks so strikingly like someone you've known or seen before that it's almost hard to believe.

We are all made up of the same matter and that matter comes and goes often in the wind. I believe it is the wind's job to move this matter around on the surface of the planet so that we all have an opportunity to experience, at least in the food that we eat and the minerals that pass through our bodies, a little of everyone and everything.

I wonder - do you think reincarnation is only that which is linear in different times or can it also be physical reincarnation where what was once alive and vital, ensouled and moving as we understand life to be is incarnated again in the different matter that moves through our bodies.

On the one hand it may sound uncomfortable to some of you but on the other hand it is such a unifying element. I believe Creator has us here on a planet where life comes and goes and the winds and rains and elements move matter around on the planet - that it is intended that we experience the familiar even if it is only fleeting.

I believe the familiar lives inside our hearts and is an element of love. What do you believe? Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Rob,
Bobby Angel here; you are right on the money about a sense of familiarity (there's that word sense (feeling) again!), What do familiarity and comfort have in common? The sense of being at home, and I don't just mean in one's 3D house, or even with biological family, but a sense of grounding, being complete and whole in the universe not just "on Earth". I am noticing this in my dreams too lately. I sense home as a theme in my dream environs, when I look around. I also sense a lucidity in my dreams I never had along with a coherency. The elements are our friends, our colleagues, our peers as well as teachers, and most importantly- trusted allies- not some "force' to be feared!
Goodday to ALL

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Bobby,
Thank you for your comment and your added details of your observations of your dream state. It is now something that so many of us feel, isn't it - that dreams once much more mysterious and even vague are now becoming a place of respite - a place yes - of welcome.