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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


You walk upon your path on a daily basis. Sometimes it is clear and easy to see - go this way, not that way. Other times it is more vague or there are many pathways that cross yours and you're not sure - which one is my path - and still more.

There might be pathways that are emerging like a root from a tree that comes up and then down and you're not even sure which tree it's from. Thence you're not sure which path - whether it's yours, somebody else's? In my true feelings these days I find that it's not always easy for us to stay on our path.

Other people's path's look so good from a distance don't they but that's because we're not actually walking on them and we don't always see everything else that's on that path.

So often people envy us at a distance and most often we never know and very often we envy others at a distance and usually they never know - and yet there are frequently wonderful things in our lives that we don't always notice. I know I have that experience sometimes and I have a feeling you do too.

Then there are other times when we have difficult things and sometimes other people do not notice when we are going through difficulties.

I'd like to make a suggestion - you don't have to do it, consider it that's all. I think it would be good for us to have a little calendar and at the end of the day to just put a check mark in a little box that says "good" - meaning overall it was a good day or another little box saying "eh - okay - not bad" and then another little box that says "challenging."

Let's try to get over saying, "bad - bad day" when one thing seems to emerge from our day as being difficult and in the process we overlook the good things that happened that day - some of which we don't always notice.

I'm not trying to lecture you. I'm like you, I have my path and sometimes I get confused, "Is it my path or somebody else's?" Just like you.

One thing I try to pay attention to though, and sometimes I forget also, and that's about the good things on my path. I feel that some of us are shy or afraid to say - we've had a good day and I understand. Sometimes I'm shy like that too, however I feel that when taken at its cumulative value - meaning over time - that it's good for us to remind ourselves that we have good things in our life and that those good things very often do counterbalance the more challenging things.

Sometimes we just have to turn around and look at what's there that's good. Other times it's right in front of us.

I definitely wish for you good experience and good noticing of the good things in your life and a benevolent outcome for your day, for your week and for your life.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

That is so true. I go around visiting a lot of folks writings and I am struck by how many people post their negative feelings, day after day.
I think if they, indeed all of us, used your advice we would find so much more to celebrate than to lament.
My wife sez some people are simply more comfortable expressing negativism because they hold such low positive expectations. Thanks for trying to point us all along a more positive path!

Robert Shapiro said...

Rick my friend,
I appreciate as always the polite and clear fashion of your comment.

As an observer of life you have been able to pick out the highlights as well as having been exposed to other qualities almost as one notices the high notes emerging from music.

This is probably why you have found the perfect mate as I have. May we continue to be blessed in our pursuit and appreciation of wisdom as we are blessed by the beings who accompany us with their affection and their wisdom.


Anonymous said...

My Dear Rob, and friends,
Arguably, the birth of modern literature is a poem about a man lost on his path (Dante), since know one gives us a guide map let alond with a key, it is that gift of ignorance I think that operates. The good thing is to keep things in perspective. I am blessed in that for a while now I feel my life in a way is so routine, that I am on my "Buddah path" most of the time, and since we got this far, we have to have faith that where we are going is a guided, illuminated way. We are at the crossroads of major changes in our civilization and on our planet. It is hard NOT to get sucked into the drama going on around us- to NOT take the "establishment" personally. We are tested, provoked, and prodded by seemingly every little instance that makes us react to without and feel whatever it is that comes up dealing always with those around us. I guess what I would like to share with everybody is that shit happens, still happens, but slowly, slowly, slowly (faster though for some of us) we realize that we create the misery, the drama, the sorrow, and though this civilization wants us all in a way to be co-operative sheep; we intuitively know inside that it can be better here. Take this war as an example: the "civilized" thing to do is what congress just did, support the effort. Yet to those of us on the front lines of the shift, all unwanton acts of violence in the name of ideology are actually repugnant. As all goes to hell around us, we need to stay true to our feelings, and keep our own intuitive channels open so that we can be the most light at the most opportune time, to realize we are on the right path at the right moment, and when I know this I feel like I am the luckiest person alive, and when I don't (and I could make a therapist rich talking about this baggage- instead of directly talking to my guides as they know I do- including you!) I know that tomorrow could be better, or the day after that or the next, and I don't HAVE to be optimistic, it's just that it's easier for me! What I try to do is check in with Spirit first thing, and remeber my connection along the way/day.
Goodday All
Bobby Angel

Margie said...
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Margie said...

Your words are so calming!
You wrote "sometimes we just
have to turn around to look
at what's there that's good"
I am able to always find the
good in my life.I do not have
to search ... mostly I just
look into myself... and, I
am at peace.
Thanks for adding more peace
to my day... with your writings.

Robert Shapiro said...

Bobby, It is good you are commenting here on all of these matters that concern you and your trust in that which enlightens you.

I realize that this site cannot solve all problems and I also realize that what is being done here is to offer and support as much as possible.

I am going to suggest that when you say the Living Prayer, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now benevolently from all those beings who can help them" you say it slowly and allow the energy that is comforting to be present and remember that you as well as all those you care about will be supported by saying this whenever it feels comfortable to do so.

You can say it you know on a - three, four times a week if you want. Remember, it covers you as well. Goodlife

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for you wisdom and for your ongoing comments here and for the beauty you offer to the world on your site and with your heart. Goodlife

Robert Shapiro said...

Peace and calm is our natural desire. Perhaps that's why we express it to add it to the mixture and flavors of life.
Perhaps it will rise to the top and like a spice, its aroma will in-filter the atmosphere and fall to Earth again as rain that we may even notice or experience - and so it is with all life - yes? Goodlife.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rob, I will get on it right a way! Peace and Goodday to All!
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

And a good and benevolent day to you too Bobby. Goodlife

Anonymous said...

Since I don't have your email, I am writing here, (though not related to this post)
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Let me know your plans as you stopped explorer series book after book 12. Eagarly awaiting further these books.
Prashant from Bangalore, India

Robert Shapiro said...

For Prashant, thank you my friend for your kind words extolling virtues of the Explorer Race books as you see them. I feel good about these books as well and it is my intention to keep contributing them as I'm sure my publisher feels as well.

There are other books which occupy our attention right now but we will see what can be done along the lines of your request at least in time if not immediately.

Thank you again for your kind words.