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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Our Re-Sequencing Of Time

Awakening within you all now is a experience that is a bit confusing - I believe some of you have noticed this - and that confusion is brought about because of your odd experiences with time.

For the past few years you've noticed that time seems to have speeded up, meaning there is not enough moments in the day to do all of the things that you really do remember being able to do in the past. It's not just that there are more things to do these days. You can really recall being able to accomplish those things years ago.

Now though, something else is happening. Time as we know it is sequencing differently. I won't go into all of the mechanical details here but what it amounts to is that we're experiencing time from two different forms of it.

One prompts us to feel like there isn't enough time in the day and the other prompts us to feel as if a day that was perhaps yesterday or the day before was a week or even two weeks ago.

Don't be alarmed by these feelings. This is caused by a re-sequencing of time and because you, even though you are not making the effort to do so, are really experiencing much more awareness of your present moment in time then your past moments.

Some of you have noticed that this has actually caused a strange phenomena for you when you worry and that is that you'll feel the feelings of worry but you won't be able to think all of the threads that are prompting you to worry. As a matter of fact you might feel those upset feelings and you don't even know why you have them because you look around at your life and every-thing's working pretty good in that moment or things seem to be alright and yet you feel those feelings of worry.

Don't assume that it's about something thats going to happen or something that is happening that you don't know about, rather what it is, is that your physical body is used to - in the past of your life and recent past - used to being in the physical feeling of worry but because of the re-sequencing of time your mind is not in that thought pattern.

So your physical body is going through the physical feelings that you're used to having on a daily basis when you are worrying but your mind is not thinking about those things.

So what you have is something that is a step along the way to an improvement. Right now it doesn't feel much like an improvement but it will.

First your mind is being relieved of something that does not really bring your life to any greater sense of fulfillment - which is the capacity to worry about things over which you can do nothing - meaning that you have done all you can do or what's involved is up to other people, that kind of thing - and a great deal of worry has to do with those types of experiences.

So since thats happening for your mind, and this is really going on for everybody to greater or lessor degrees and will expand more in that direction, your body nevertheless is still used to its daily dose of uncomfortable feelings that come with worry - that will pass soon as well.

It doesn't mean that we're no longer going to be able to think or that we're no longer going to be able to feel. It means that we're coming into a situation where we're going to feel the present moment more in our lives - and the work we need to do to welcome that will be to be more alert in our present moment.

So I'm going to give you a little homework - it's not that difficult. I'd like you to take both your hands and sit down when you have a moment or you can lay down if you prefer but if you lay down, lay down on your back if you can and put your hands on your abdomen or your stomach area.

Just spread your fingers out - put one hand on one side and the other hand on the other side of your body and move your fingers very slightly in and out - not to cause you discomfort but just to bring your attention to that part of your body and then see if you can feel that part of your body either on the surface or inside.

Just focus on that part of your body - where ever your hands happened to have been. You can leave your hands there or you can move them to a more comfortable position - it's up to you - thats all.

The purpose of this is to concentrate on your physical reality and when you concentrate on your physical reality utilizing your body - especially when that part of your body feels alright - and if your stomach doesn't than touch some other part of your body - when you focus on your physical body, not thinking about it but feeling it, it automatically brings you into the present moment you see.

This will help your body to realize that it is alright to be in the present moment comfortably and the daily conditioning of the feelings associated with worry are not necessary. Give it a try - see if it helps. I'll speak more about this as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

I may be off on a tangent or even non-tangent path but this makes me think of the idea you presented of learning to breathe like our animals.
Watching the very pure breathing of my dog makes me think he has in fact synched up his time elements nicely. Knowing when to sleep, when to eat, when to be afraid and when to be at peace seems so natural to them.
Is this time/emotion phase problem a human problem more so than an animal problem?

Robert Shapiro said...

Rick, sorry for the delay in answering you but you may notice that the current blog entry "Honoring All" is kind of an answer to what you wanted to know.
Yes, I feel it's more of a human problem.
As you have indicated clearly dog people and others in the four legged community as well as simply non-humans are not experiencing this as we are here to learn and they are here to demonstrate and teach how to live as best they can.
Goodlife my friend.