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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dreams As A Model For Life Not A Substitute For It

Have you ever had the occasion when you were having dreams or perhaps even a series of dreams where you did not have resolution and because of the stresses of the day - or perhaps you were even a little confused about where your life ended and where somebody else's began - meaning that you would sometimes take responsibility for the actions of others or be tense when others around you were behaving in a way that you felt could be a problem for them - then you might find that this would play out in your dreams.

What to do about that. First - allow others to live their lives. I know that's easier said then done when it concerns a loved one or a family member alright but people come here to this planet to learn - okay. It's alright to look out for yourself and to advise and to offer advice when asked but as I've said before, we must allow people to live their lives, make their mistakes, understand what happened and learn so as not to make the same mistake again eh.

Alright now, lets get back to dreams. Dreams can be remedied with a Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic - dreams that are unresolved you see, or that are causing stress.

This is what to say if you choose to say a Living Prayer - I recommend you say, "I am asking that all those beings I experience in my dreams - that I know where I end and they begin in the dreams - that I be able to resolve problems occurring for me and that I be able to provide the best wisdom and advice and help when it is asked for." Now you might add if you like, " the most benevolent way for me" but you don't have to.

Lets say this again also in the form of a Benevolent Magic for those of you who would prefer to use that form and sometimes that form is, how can we say, actively involved in benevolent change for you as an individual.

You might say, "I request that I be clear and know when to offer advice of all sorts - that in my dreams that I also be clear about that - that I have the opportunity to resolve problems that happen in my dreams so that it does not turn into stress for me - that any resolution I bring about or learning that takes place in my dreams to my benefit or the benefit of others occur in the most benevolent way and that it results in my capacity to apply benevolent wisdom in my day to day life and in my dreams and results in the most benevolent outcome."

I realize that this seems to cover a wide topic but very often what's going on in your dreams is resolving not only your own issues that you deal with in your life but understanding that the beings in your dreams that you recall - are not just different parts of yourself, though that is one way to analyze it but the beings are intended to show separate individuals and often your own interactions with them which might be better left to play out as allowing them to live their lives even if they may be strange or bizarre.

You know that when you function in your world many times you allow people to be. Learn how to allow yourself to be as well. I know it's a challenge - it is for me too. So - we'll help each other the best way we can eh.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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