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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Natural Magic, Part 2

We are all in a time now of welcoming contact, friendliness and companionship with each others most benevolent portions of personality.

There is a way to prepare ourselves that is all around us. I'm going to give you some brief homework today to begin a little more teaching about Natural Magic. If you have a pet - a dog, a cat, a bird, anything - you can interact with them but if you don't then interact with any natural creature other than a human being that is around you. It is alright if they are a creature that you wouldn't normally think of interacting with - say a beetle or an ant because these beings are perhaps even more potentially sensitive to co-operating with the following homework.

I suggest you first say the following Living Prayer, "I am asking that my Natural Magic capabilities be benevolently restored now in a way that feels good to me and is safe for me and all others and that allows me to experience deeper, more complete and more fulfilling levels of myself." Sit with that for a little while if you feel some energy - if you don't than just wait a few minutes.

Then look around to see if there are creatures about, if you don't have a pet, and if you see a beetle or perhaps a spider or a ant who are often around or perhaps they'll be a bird outdoors or a squirrel then this is what to do. Just look at them even if they are moving about doing their lives or even apparently still - perhaps they are sleeping - then look at them and say out loud only if you can feel it for yourself - say, "I welcome you to this planet and to my life as a fellow traveler and being on Earth. Goodlife."

Then just wait. If you can feel warmth or if you do feel warmth in your body just be with that warmth and look, not stare - glance at the general direction of that creature be it a free and wild one or be it a pet that lives with you and see how they react.

This training allows you to notice the impact of your personality and your most benevolent feelings on others who do not in any way represent a threat to you. You see - the reason we start doing this with animals is that they will not very often represent a threat so you do not have to have your guard up as you may have with other human beings. I realize that there are many situations with other human beings where you don't have your guard up but this is to cover the broadest range of possibilities of those of you who are reading this.

Try this two or three different times and see if you can note the reactions in the creatures you are interacting with. If you find a particular type of creature that reacts well or where you feel an increased sense of that benevolent warmth in your body then this is the type of being to continue working with to hone your skills of Natural Magic.

Natural Magic welcomes you as well as those other beings into your most natural state of being and into that state of being where you will have a vast amount of capabilities reflective of your own heart's needs and of your immortal personality. Your immortal personality lives on indefinitely in one form or another in different lives.

It is possible that you may have known some of these beings from this world of other creatures in other lives or you may know them sometime someday. You'll be surprised how many of them know that and therefore when you have that warm feeling or a very good feeling interacting with one of these beings you may be interacting with an old friend or yes - with a friend from the future.



Kirsten said...

I tried this with my roommate's cat a little while ago. Although I felt strong & obvious energy after saying the first living prayer, I don't think I had enough feeling in my words to the cat, she just kept on bathing herself as if I wasn't there; oh my. It was kind of funny. I'll have to try it again,...with feeling this time! I'll keep you posted!

Robert Shapiro said...

Good to hear from you again and we will be speaking later so that is also good. Thank you for sharing your points of view here and for your good heart, spiritual work and kindness.