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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Giving And Receiving

You might consider reasonably that the environment in which you are living is one that is fraught with complications.

You have heard perhaps from grandmother or grandfather or others how simple life used to be once upon a time in that area and yet even though it was simpler in days gone by there were complications then too. Diseases that were once incurable that people would get and suffer or die.

It is not my intention here today to remind you of old pains from the past but rather to bring to our attention that even with todays complicated lifestyle we have many options, many possibilities and yes, cures that exist today that didn't once.

There were times when sufferings on the land took place many of which have been resolved today.

So lets remember that even though life has many more choices today that sometimes feel like complications, there are also many improvements in the quality of our life that we can choose or let others choose. We really don't have to do everything and we can allow people to live their own lives.

It is challenging when we have to take care of others but we must encourage others to live their own lives, to help them to make decisions, to know the difference between judgement and discernment and to support all those we know to have a good image of themselves by giving them the opportunity to try it for themselves, to do it for themselves, to give praise and to offer criticism when asked.

One of the biggest causes of misunderstanding between people, I have found, is that criticism is given before praise. When that happens the praise comes after the wound. It is better to give praise where you can see it is appropriate and then if criticism is necessary, wait until someone asks for it.

If they say, "Do you think I can do it better" then you can say, "This is what I recommend" or "Have you thought of..." - like that.

I know most of you know these things but it is so easy to forget isn't it, especially when we go to work and at work the products are always being improved or at least attempts are being made. Therefore one is used to criticism. It is so easy to bring that home isn't it.

Lets remember to give praise and to recognize that the simple things we take for granted - the services others do for us are often ones that we really wouldn't want to live without. Lets remember to give praise.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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