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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dreaming With The Animals

You have been working on this blog for a while - many of you - and I want to encourage you to stay with it. I know we give a lot of homework here but thats because in my experience it is your own motivation to apply this homework in your life that is what truly improves the quality of your life.

Of course it is good to be exposed to thoughts and ideas but actually producing within yourself from your own experience - physical evidence of change which allows you to adapt and move into and through your life with greater ease is my whole point here. So in that light, another thing you can try if you like.

You might try to sleep a little different. Sleeping is something that we don't take for granted as much as we used to. With the intense pace of many of our lives and just the noise around - sleeping is not so easy.

I'd like to suggest however you consider your favorite animal. It could be an animal that lives with you - a dog or a cat for instance or it could be a wild animal or a mythical animal - it doesn't have to be a real one but it has to be real enough so you can imagine it walking about or swimming perhaps and just conducting its life.

It also has to be something you can imagine sleeping. This is what I'm going to recommend you do - see if you can, while you imagine that animal sleeping, breathe at the same pace that that animal is breathing.

If you have a dog or a cat present you may actually be able to hear them breathing or get the impression of how quickly they are breathing by glancing at them before you close your eyes to go to sleep.

There is a reason and the reason has to do with why it's important for you to pick your favorite animal even if it is mythical and that is that animals as we call them are from another place just as we all are and they have their own dreams.

The dreams are often completely unlike what people talk about - meaning if you've seen a dog dream sometimes they move their legs but it doesn't mean they're chasing something. After all if you've seen a human dream, humans also move their legs - does it mean we're chasing something - probably not.

So if you can set your pace of breath to about the same pace and concentrate on that animal - it has to be one that you like - then you may have the opportunity within your dream cycle to dream one of that animals dreams and they may have the opportunity to dream one of your dreams.

Of course it could be that you're simply sharing or sitting in on their dream - either way you might have an opportunity when you wake up to remember a little bit of that dream. It could be a good experience.

I really recommend that you pick an animal that you feel good about and if possible, one that you feel is safe for you. So thats what I recommend.

I do not recommend an animal that is dangerous or frightening. This is not a good thing because you could attract to you some of that danger element and the trouble with the danger element is that it always imposes risks upon you. So for those of you who are attracted to danger, know that danger comes with risks and I do not recommend that.

Rather think of an animal that you feel good about and see if you can share dreams with that being. Give it a try - see how you like it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,
Was really amazed reading today's blog...!!!
Just got you book "Awakening to the Animal Kingdom" and love it...Two days ago a question came to my mind about "shape shifting" and the way to efficiently shift shape with a member of the animal kingdom to get deeply in the feeling of that family spirit.
Was wondering if I could request some suggestions in your blog but noticed that you don't really encourage messages not directly related with the topic of the didn't ask...
...and today you answer partially...WoW!

Thank you!
and Goodlife!

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, thank you for your comment.
Yes, I feel it is a good thing for others reading this blog that the comment section be a place where - from time to time further issues along the lines of the subject of the day be developed - otherwise it becomes really a private session doesn't it and this is not really the venue for that is it.
Thanks again for your observance of the customs here.