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The Wand Position
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Monday, February 06, 2006

Seeing The Unseen

All around you there are forms of life that are native to the land or countryside or cities where you live. You do not see these forms of life because they are not animals, they are not plants, they are not people. What are they? They can be seen by those who truly concentrate and I will teach you now exactly how to do it.
It is most easily done when looking at a neutral surface. I find that in my teaching that the best way to do this is to look perhaps at the sky on a - not cloudless day but something that is - got a few clouds. Don't look anywhere near the sun just someplace that is neutral if you can but it is also possible at times to see this indoors. You might try looking at say - a blank wall or ceiling. The less on it there is the better.
First off just look at something with as little distraction as possible. If it is safe to wear earplugs - go ahead. That will knock down some of the sound perhaps if you are living in someplace loud - and first stare for a short time at what is the distant object - the wall or the sky.
Then I would like you to focus as best as possible on the space between your eyes and that object - wall, sky or what have you. The intention here is to see what is present in the space. It may take a while but some of you will at least have the impression of motion. That's a good beginning. By motion I mean perhaps something shimmering.
Some of you may see a glimpse of something. Remember, what you are seeing is most likely not part of your physical world so it is not anything to be frightened of. Just let it be there and notice. Some of you might see little objects - very small, round little circle shapes moving about quickly - sometimes seen as white, sometimes as other colors. That is a good thing to see. There might be other things that you see.
All around you now are forms of life that are not part, as you understand it, of your physical world but they are in fact part of what makes up your physical world. Energy as it is loosely called in this blog and many other places is not something that you think of as being physical matter and yet it does have matter like qualities, some of which can even be measured by your scientists and yet in the air itself you know there is substance. Why do you know this? Simply move your hand quickly from one point to another across the front of your body. You will feel something - not much. You'll say, "Oh, it's wind" but actually it is something that is there.
If you can try that experience of focusing. As I said before, you will see some of the things that are there. Do this when you are clear headed okay. I don't recommend it after a few beers or something like that for those of you who do that. So it is a beginning of something I'd like to begin to teach you and that's essentially - seeing the unseen. I feel you are ready to do this now and I feel that it might be fun. I'm also interested in whether you want more on this topic because there is much more that can be seen.
I will give you one last suggestion. I may have mentioned it before. If not I'll talk about it now. If you have that blank wall or almost blank ceiling but there is a defined object there - oh say something - not a picture - or if it is a picture something that is innocuous meaning not something that is meaningful and causes you strong feelings. Look at the frame of the picture or say for instance you're looking at the ceiling and there's a ceiling fan - look at one of the blades as well as you can.
Concentrate on it and then gradually move your point of vision slightly to the left or right or above what you're looking at. If you notice a brighter space between the point you're staring at and the object you started with don't look back at the object to study the space. Rather, move your point of viewing slightly farther away and see if that bright space remains. That is energy field - around an object, you see - an energy field. A form of living matter. I will speak more about this in the future as well if you're interested. I hope you enjoy these experiences.
Goodlife and goodnight.


Hart said...
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Robert Shapiro said...

My Friend
Your description of what you have seen with the little white circles and the trails is identical to what I have seen. It is a joy to hear that description from another as I'm sure it was for you. Thank you for your comments and for your continuing interaction here.