The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Greater Benevolence Between The Mind And Body

I began to tell you last time about our physical bodies reaching out to us in new ways and I'm going to say just a little more about that today. Because our physical bodies are attempting to reach us it will be a valuable thing I believe, for us all to do something from time to time. It may seem a little strange to you but I have found it to be a way to create a link between our conscious minds and our physical bodies that provide a greater sense of balance and a union between the mind and the body which our cultures do not always encourage.
It is very simple and that is this - I recommend you take your hand - either one, whichever you like and place it right below your neck with your hand extended so that your thumb is right below your neck on one side and your fingers right below your neck on the other side and then just move your hand down over your body until you get to your solar plexus and then pull your hand away from your body. This is to be a physical gesture moving down your body like that as I said and away from your physical body once you get to your solar plexus. If you want to go down a little farther that's fine but no further then just above your belly button.
There is a reason to do this and I want to suggest that you do this at least ten or twelve times every day very slowly and if you'd like you can do it five or six times - whatever feels right to you. Remember always with the gestures going down, never up. I'll explain why in a moment. This gesture - and it's best done with your bare hand on your bare skin but if that's not possible then it's alright to do it on your clothing - this gesture encourages your energy body to move down into your body.
Do you know that in our world there's so much fear and anxiety or at least distraction because we have so much to do that very often our energy bodies are just barely tethered and are almost really trying to get out and you will see this, those of you who have such perceptions can see this light hovering above the physical body of a person - with some extension of that light into their head or neck and sometimes down to their chest and at other times it might be completely in - especially when you are relaxed or doing something you enjoy.
It is important to allow your physical body to feel the light that is part of your immortal personality that lives with you here. When you make this physical gesture moving down your body it is a conscious thing so your mind is involved and yet you speak to your physical body in its own language which is physical touch. Your physical body has its own language. That's why when you try to tell your body something with words your body doesn't necessarily react well and you might even feel uncomfortable physically because your physical body wants to be touched gently and kindly.
This gesture that I mentioned before will help that to happen because it is something that your physical body knows your mind approves of because you are directing the action. So this is what I recommend. It is a way to make contact with your own physical body in ways that feel good.
For those of you who'd like to you can also start the stroke with your hand on your shoulder and move down your arm towards your hand. About the time you get to the back of your hand then move your hand that you were stroking down your arm with away from your body. Remember when your hands are moving down your body like this they are in contact with your body when they are going down but when you move your hands back up they are in the air at least eight to ten inches away from your body.
That way your body knows that the intention is to invite your light body, your immortal personality, your soul - whatever you like to call it - encourage it to come down into the physical body to give it strength, support and the love of Creator which the physical body so thoroughly deserves. I feel that you will find in time greater relaxation in your physical body for doing this. Remember do it slowly and gently just as you might stroke a beloved person that you know or even a beloved pet - very gently and lovingly without any agenda beyond passing on love and encouraging a good life. And on that note my friends goodlife to you all and good night.

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