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The Wand Position
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Friday, February 17, 2006

Seeing Spirits

Animals are around us at all times. many we see, some we don't. Scientists can see the tiniest and even portions of the tiniest. When we see something truly big we notice it yes, elephants, whales oh yes. Sometimes though there are spirits of animals around that we don't necessarily see but they do leave traces. I'm going to suggest that you look for their traces.
The easiest place to find these traces are in the clouds. Do you know that spirits are often defined in a form of cloud portraiture. Most of the time these spirits, when they look like something, are genuinely that thing in spirit form and usually aimed at exactly what it looks like. You might see something in the clouds that does look like an elephant or a whale or a dolphin or a turtle.
If so the energy that is being emanated and reflected in the cloud in that moment is usually aimed for those beings but that spirit also takes into account that there will be human beings that will see that. If you can see it and appreciate it in a way that is safe for you then this is good. Looking out the window, perhaps pausing in a walk or even noticing it strolling with a friend. It is alright to point it out to your friend, "Look, see - that cloud looks just like a dolphin." "Look, see - doesn't that cloud look like a giraffe?" Don't be surprised to see things like this.
Sometimes spirit will be emanating energy to its counterparts that look like that spirit but other times that energy will be emanated in places where giraffes for example, have never been and may never be but the energy is known by that spirit - its energy and it is known to be helpful at times for human beings. Know that when you see these things in the clouds the spirits are passing on the energy of what you see in their form of energy to you. Even if you don't see it it's being passed on but if you do see it you'll probably experience it in a greater way but always benevolently.
So often then spirits including human beings are seen in the clouds. Usually only if they have made some benevolent contribution, sometimes though they will be seen by way of being allowed after life to leave a portrait of themselves as they move on. It may not always look just like them but it might look like them in some way. If you know someone and love someone who has passed on this will show up in the clouds in and around where you are within twenty four hours so don't stare at the sky indefinitely.
Keep in mind that clouds are Creator's way of helping us to see spirit not unlike other things one might see in the sky. Goodlife.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. Thank you so very much for your blog. Your information feeds me. Recently, I told a friend of mine that I want to be able to see everything that is here on Mother Earth. Your post today and on February 6th, made me smile. We had a huge column of ants in our house this week. I would love to hear more about other "animals/ets," that are here on Earth. We are always trying to get out of our heads and into our bodies - another recent magical note of yours. So thank you, thank you, thank you for such relevant posts, and sharing from your heart. You are reading minds, Robert. Take good care, Dawn

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Dawn
Thank you so much for your comment. I do appreciate the time and energy you have invested to be so complimentary. I have discovered - I'm sure you have as well that we are all preparing, not necessarily personally but definitely for the human race to greet other forms of life. We all think about, "Well maybe they'll come here" and of course they've been spotted from time to time by various individuals but even if they do not come here in great number we will certainly go there wherever there is and our representatives of the Earth human race will meet them. I'd like to think that those meetings will be and will continue to be benevolent and inspiring.
How many times have you met or seen a beautiful animal who is in the forrest or perhaps just in the neighborhood. I often consider our own astronauts to be moving out into the neighborhood where there are other life forms and other stories as a result to tell. I know that your recent experience with the column of ants may not have been your favorite but they do choose to travel in number don't they. I am hopeful you were able to apply with some success the manner and means to communicate with them as described on my most recent post on my Mystical Man blog and perhaps even encourage them to be outside. If not then I suppose the usual precautions will need to be taken - sealing cracks in the house and tight packaging around items etc. I recall numerous times going out to find where their homes begin.
Usually if they come inside a house they are missing something in their diet or it is simply water that they are looking for. I do not know if where you are living is dry or if there is a construction project nearby which often disturbs them but perhaps if you can find their home in a benevolent way for you you can make an offering and speak your needs as in that February 16 column. Thank you again.

Hart said...
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Robert Shapiro said...

My friend,
Thank you for your comment. I'd have to say from my experience that I've had a lot of good interactions with ET's. I don't want to cast any aspersions on your comment though, I'd rather say I'd recommend you say the following Benevolent Magic. I'd recommend you say, "I request that all my contacts through all of my senses and experiences with extraterrestrials be benevolent, enlightening, encouraging and helpful and that this all occur in the most benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome - for me." Pause a little at the end before you say that last, "for me."
I'd also like to say that some of the Beings I've connected with are heard from in a book that I've channeled called ET's and the Explorer Race. Granted its been a while since I channeled that book and there will be other books along this subject line that will come out such as the recent book Andromeda and others to be published by Light Technology. I'd recommend that if you have any unsettling experiences like the one you mentioned that you say that Benevolent Magic. Just say it once though and if you feel that you want to look out for other people or you wish to reinforce having said the Benevolent Magic for yourself about encounters that your not sure of or that give you a feeling of misgiving I'd recommend the following Living Prayer. You might say, "I am asking that all encounters between Earth Beings - terrestrials - and Beings from elsewhere - Extraterrestrials - be benevolent, nurturing and result in the most benevolent experience for all." Keep it simple like that and I feel that when you say this, if you would care to, that it includes everyone so it would include yourself and others. I feel that when we have feelings basically classified under, "uh - oh" that we will feel not only better for ourselves but in my experience I often feel comforted personally when I say a Living Prayer that will effect benevolently others and includes myself as well.
Goodlife my friend.