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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

There Are Changes Now - Can You Begin To Feel Them

When you are waking up these days you might notice an odd feeling - something that is really relatively recent. Oh some of you can identify with this now but others of you are starting to have the experience and that is that they'll be a moment, usually that might last for a minute, maybe up to three minutes where you feel somewhat disoriented.
I want to assure you that it's alright. It might seem to have to do with stress and so on, "Oh what do I have to do today" but it actually isn't that at all. We are all going through a time now on Earth when literally the existence we are living in is shifting. It's shifting not in order to drag us into some more benevolent place but it's shifting because we are shifting. There is more heart now for people. There is more desire to help people and there is distinctly more recognition of the value of people regardless of who they are, where they're from, why they're here and what they look like.
You might have noticed that in the past few months or even years and therefore the shift that is taking place does not have to do with something that is being put upon us even by a benevolent Being such as Creator but rather it is something that is responding to our own need to have a place that we exist, that we function, where we live that is more responsive to the greater heart of all Beings and to be more specific to all human beings but we are not alone here on Earth are we?
There are other Beings. Certainly there are the animals, the plants, Earth itself and there is Spirit, always Spirit - benevolent Spirit watching over us. This change is something that we can feel good about. It's not an actual, how can we say, change that will cause radical, noticeable and discomforting changes in Earth but we will simply notice that the planet we are living on needs to be more benevolent and our needs need to be more benevolently addressed. After all one cannot continue to mine and pick apart the very planet upon which we are living indefinitely - one might reasonably say, "Well, how long can that last?" and this is why new technologies and a greater means to use less which will provide more are coming along very nicely.
This is not science fiction but is fact and they are being developed all over the planet. You will find in the coming years that they will be displayed and trumpeted yes but this is alright because it can work for us all. Oh, some are in place now - wind power, renewable energy and so on but I'm talking about more than that. The means to have basic needs - food, shelter, pleasurable things available utilizing less to provide us with more and without going into all this technologically since this site is about what you can do and how you can do it working with your spirit and your physical body yes, to bring about greater benevolence for yourselves and others, I will simply say that this is largely in response to our own spiritual growth, our own recognition of the value of ourselves and others and our desire to be recognized by others as worthy and valuable Beings as well.
I will say more about these matters as time goes on but for now I want to personally recognize you as a worthy and valuable Being. Welcome to planet Earth and to life itself.


Anonymous said...

I truly believe that we as a people (Humanity/Explorer Race) need an "attitude adjustment" concerning our personal and interpersonal relationship with our self, others, the earth and Nature, and by Nature, I mean that basically, deep down inside, and more topically (on the surface) for Robby (I love that Isis calls you this!), and possibly others like ourseves who take this blog seriously, that our nature is love! We have set up a civilization from which we erroneously feel we need protection, instead of seeing or feeling the loveing, nurturing effect of these benevolent forces coming from inside of us out, and co-mingling/resonating with the forces of others and infused with the elements and spirits of the earth to create our dear Mother Nature. do you not think that if this place was not run by Intelligent Design it would have folded up shop eons ago? We need to feel at home, safe, and sound with our selves- positive Spiritual reinforcement, because people, we have the potential of making this place Paradis on Earth. this is beyond prophecy now, we have outlived all th epredictions [placed upon us before. Now we need a new model for the new Paradigm. Everything here is sentient, and feeling. The warmth is not just generic burning, it is warm, kind, merciful, sympathetic and forgiving. Yes, I'm passionate about this particular physical reality, and now it is with the unswerving intention that we make our lives more benevolent and harmonious, and add a touch of compassion, and open mindedness that all has it's place (even the negativity) under the sun for we are One.

Robert Shapiro said...

Dear anonymous,
Thank you for those beautiful thoughts - feelings and for sharing them with us all here now. I appreciate your world view and your heart as you have shared it.