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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bird Flu - Something You Can Do To Help Now

Today I'd like to introduce you to something as it is a possibility. I'd like you to just think about it as a possibility and as this talk unfolds, you'll see if it might be more.
Let's start with a Living Prayer. I'm recommending that you say, "I am asking that all living Beings on Earth and everywhere have all the food, space to live, comforts, companionship and benevolence they need in order to live the most benevolent and beneficial life that they can experience."
You know that when life becomes unbearable for any group of Beings, what occurs is different behaviors. Sometimes they get self-destructive, other times they get angry and upset. Sometimes they get really feisty and other times they just pray and ask God for help - anything to get them out of that horrible state. You know that sometimes human beings go through this and that does happen for human beings on Earth and you have been instructed in this column already on what to say for Living Prayer to help in those situations but today we're going to work on something a little different.
There are species of animals on this planet that have been serving human beings, us, for a long time and in the past when the conditions they were living in were tolerable they were comfortable with that form of service. They knew that being here would mean that they would be offering their bodies and sometimes the products of their bodies to serve human life.
Nowadays however many of them are suffering too much. This Bird Flu situation is an example. Not all birds in captivity for example, are suffering but many are and all birds if even some of their species are suffering greatly - are desperate for help for them but there's something you can do to help and I'd like you to consider that it is possible.
First off, I'd like you to consider saying the following Living Prayer, "I am asking that all creatures who serve the human race and provide us with food, clothing and other necessities from their very being, be treated well with good food and room to live and the opportunity to experience their own culture and togetherness in the most benevolent way that serves them and allows them to serve us." After you say that, for those of you that do, wait and see if you feel any warmth or energy and if you do just let the feeling pass - that will help it to come into being.
There are many Farmers, for example who free range their chickens and by that I do not mean putting them in a small coop and letting them walk back and forth but actually allowing them to walk about and it is this kind of situation - small Farmers I grant that serves that population of Beings in service. I would like to suggest that larger farms be given or allowed use of more land so that they be able with proper support to allow their birds much more room to move about and the reason I recommend this is that when a species is suffering they will accept any way out if the suffering is to great.
There is another way you can help with so-called Bird Flu and I want you to consider that this is possible and think about it and say it if you would and if you feel that loving warmth in your bodies which is Creator's way of acknowledging that you are receiving and projecting Creator's love and your loving yourself - that you allow that to be there while you are saying this and if you don't feel it, that's alright too, you'll feel that some day saying these things. Consider saying the following, "I am asking that the microbes and organisms that stimulate and support the disease we know as Bird Flu mutate now into a more benevolent form that is safe for all human beings and that is safe for all Beings."
I believe the birds have gotten their message out that the disease, before noticed I might add being largely unknown in contemporary times, the disease has signaled and the signal has been heard of their plight but the signal has not been understood and perhaps now it can be understood better. Sometimes organisms that cause disease are helping those who have no other way out. This is not always the case but sometimes it is.
I want to thank you all in advance, those of you who choose to say these things - these Living Prayers and to consider reading this blog which is intended to provide you with ways to improve the quality of your life and yes perhaps the quality of the lives of others.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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