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The Wand Position
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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Prediction Of Benevolence

There is a time coming for you all on this planet when you will experience each other without regard to race, nationality or religion. I know many of you have read this many, many times before and you said, "Yes, yes, yes we've heard it all before" but here is why I'm stating this again - that time is immanent and you will find that the surprises that take place in your life will begin to be more benevolent.
Think about it, your neighborhood has changed, your town has changed, your city has changed and even places in the country have changed and sometimes this has been alarming and unsettling - the changes that are taking place. Other times it has been exciting and wonderful and has caused a lot of happiness. I grant that youngsters are embracing this more than oldsters alright, that's very true and yet it is a herald of times to come.
I'd like to make a prediction here, something I'm loathe to do but I really want to set aside my shyness about that and make a prediction and that is that at least five times in the next two months you will notice that something totally unexpected occurs to remind you of the benevolence of life and this will not be a passing thought, "Oh, things are getting better." It will actually remind you that there is an energy that is palpable that you can actually feel in a way that is demonstrating that life not only can be benevolent but has noticeable moments of benevolence.
If you have these experiences and like to share them with people on this blog, go ahead, write in a comment. If you'd rather share them someplace else that's fine. I wanted to let you know that this was coming so that you could be alert for them. Oh you don't have to be looking this way and that way but see if you can notice them. If it happens to come up for you and you keep a log of your day then you can write it in and say, "Well, you said that was going to happen and I doubted it but darned if it didn't happen just the way you said."
I'm not saying this so that I can experience some vainglorious moment but rather I want to reassure you that life will be noticeably better and sometimes at the most unexpected moment. Be looking for it. It will happen.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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