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The Wand Position
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Insights Into How And Why Living Prayer Works

I want to welcome those of you who've recently started reading this blog. As you can see, it does not contain rants, though I completely respect others who do that. It is intended to provide you with methods that can improve the quality of your life. I encourage you to read it from the beginning as it tends to progress and build upon itself.
And now we will begin for today. Many of you are alarmed with the state of condition of your country. Some of you look back and say, "Well, it was better then" but in the times gone by when you were in the past, most of the time when it was better was simply because you didn't know how it was other places for other people.
One of the biggest changes in your now time is that the awareness of how it is for other people is so keen it is almost acute. This has caused a great deal of turbulence and discomfort for many of you and yet the entire purpose is to remind you that if people are suffering someplace in the world then you can perhaps do what you can, as best you possibly can yes, to help them. However this does not always and only mean to contribute goods or even money.
Many's the time that a form of Living Prayer can accomplish that goal. Living Prayer functions because all souls co-operate simply because it is easy to do so. Living Prayer is about life. It is about now. It is immediate and it is beneficial. Say you hear of a disaster in some other part of the world then you might simply say, "I am asking that all those Beings who need help in (then you fill in that part of the country or world) receive all the help they need from all those Beings who can help them."
Now why do I say Beings? For one thing "Beings" would be Human Beings, yes but they might also be animals, they might even be plants, they might even be stone. Everything is alive.
Scientists have pointed out to you all that the atomic structure is in motion - particles are revolving around other parts of the particles and that has a lot to do with a reminder that everything is alive. All life is sacred. All was created by Creator and all is equal. I know it's sometime hard to fathom, the idea that the molecules or even the atoms that make up your hand or your leg or your heart have a life of their own but they do and they were created by Creator to be happy to do what they are doing in your body or in the bodies of other Beings - not to be suffering, not to long to do something else but to be happy to do what they are doing.
Sometimes they will be of long duration in something as the particles or atoms in stone are happy to be that and enjoy that for such a long time. Other times they are more adventurous and they are in a plant or part of it you see. Other times they may like to be travelers so they might be water and of course water is in motion through your body, in rivers and streams, in the sea, in the air, water is always in motion.
So when we say Beings in the Living Prayer, we are including everyone and there is a reason to say these things like this. Sometimes what you can do about a circumstance in some far away part of the world or even in some far away part of the country or perhaps closer in your own community or even in your own home - what you can do in order to do the best possible even when you cannot do something directly which often happens, is that you can say a Living Prayer and the energy associated with that will speak to all souls as all souls must co-operate in order for the Living Prayer to come to fruition even in part.
Now you realize what I'm suggesting and it's perfectly true. The tiniest particle to the largest Being - whale, elephant yes, human being, dog, cat, bird, bat, goldfish, microbe, atom - they are all en-souled. If Creator creates them, Creator can create nothing without it being en-souled. Never forget that.
Does this mean you cannot eat? No, it doesn't mean that because that which is consumed has chosen to be a Transformative Being - something that starts out life as say, water. Goes into say an Apple Tree, nourishes and enriches the tree and winds up for a time in an apple. Someone picks the apple off the tree and either consumes it right then or sends it to market where someone buys it and someone eats it and that water that once enriched the tree passes through your body happily and continues on its way.
When you think about it, it's really such a magnificent creation. So thank the food that passes through your body, yes but also understand that everything is alive and you'd be surprised how co-operative everything can be. So when something happens in the other part of the world or in your part of the world and there is nothing that you can do beyond what you have done or perhaps you've been unable to do anything and that's frequently the case, then simply say that Living Prayer about that person, place or thing and that will be a great blessing and encourage and allow.
You know, you might think, "Well, I am just one person. What can I do? What impact will my Living Prayer have?" but think how many times you have asked somebody for something small. "Oh can you open the door for me?" because you have things that you are carrying and they say, "Sure" and they open the door and there's other times when you ask people to do something for you and very often they will do so.
Living Prayer is a lot like that. You say it and there's an energy that passes through you. Some of you will feel it and that energy has to do with the energy of blessing and creation and the creation has everything to do with Creator as you are created by Creator as well and when that happens, every little portion of everything which is all en-souled responds if they can.
Sometimes you might say to a group of people, "Oh, can you open the door for me? My hands - I've got lots of packages" and there might be five or ten people there and one steps over because they can open the door for you. "Oh, thank you" you say and they say, "You're welcome." So not every Being, when you say a Living Prayer will be able to respond but many will and perhaps it will be enough for at least a partial fulfillment of what you are asking for.
Always ask, in a Living Prayer for something that's as benevolent as you can imagine. Don't ask for harm, it will not happen and ask for what you need or for what you believe others need. Make it as benevolent as possible and then, perhaps you will find out that good things happened or perhaps you will never know but you'll be surprised at the satisfaction you feel for having said that Living Prayer because you have said, "Help" for someone else and someone might just open the door and that's as a result of the accumulated request to the souls of all Beings.
All souls when asked in the most benevolent way will respond. Some will simply not be able to do what is requested because they are doing other things but some will respond and it might be enough to at least partially provide what you are asking for. Give it a try if you like.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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