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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mother Earth Is Changing - How You Can Help

Today I'd like to share something with you. It has been recently published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and that's that as you may have guessed by the proliferation of typhoons and hurricanes and other storms, Mother Earth according to what I have been taught, is strongly and urgently encouraging our population to move inland - not to far but it will displace a lot of people.
Mother Earth would appreciate it not just for her own sake but because she loves us, if we would move inland by three to five miles. She would really rather prefer that people move inland by five miles but in the case of land that slopes upward significantly, three miles might be adequate. As long as the land slopes up at least somewhat then five miles would be best but that's as much as I know so far on the distance inland and I'll tell you why according to my understanding.
Mother Earth is going to, not immediately but very soon according to what I have been taught, begin to reclaim some of her land near her shores - this referring to the seashore and she's going to do it in a number of ways. One, she's going to have more animal activity. There are certain animals both in the sea and on the land, different ones, that by their activities have shown that there is going to be water where we now have land - beach as we know it.
Some of these activities have been baffling to us such as the beaching of whales and the surprise visits of other sea creatures sometimes alarming us so much and even dying. This is because they are being sent and they are volunteering for this to show us that the beach will soon be water.
I'm not saying this to frighten people but rather I've been given this as a message and I do want to pass it on and that's that the animals of the sea and of the land will start doing things around the beach and in order to do these things most benevolently it would be better if there weren't to many people around. This isn't because animals are going to act frightening towards people but rather because what they need to do is of a spiritual and sacred nature and because of this nature it would be best to allow them to do these things with as little human interference as possible.
Mother Earth has assured me that it is her intention to use her capacities - tidal wave, very possibly earthquake on land and in the sea in order to accommodate this reclamation of land under water. It is not my intention to frighten you, I reiterate, but rather to explain according to what I have been taught what is happening.
You can see that the typhoons and hurricanes seem to be getting larger and more frequent. She is not trying to chase you from the shores but this is another one of her elements that she will use to scrub herself - to wash, to clean. She is not trying to attack us as a population. She is not trying to attack the animals and the plants but if we move inland, I believe that the storms will not be as powerful in time. I have been guided to pass this on to you at this time in this way so that you can make long range plans.
I've also been assured that Mother Earth will not mind for people to have daytime excursions - just in the day, just when it's light, down to the beach and set up a tent perhaps and then retire once people have moved away from the beach to that distance of three to five miles. She also will not mind having scientific outposts or things like that but she encourages if those outposts are established that they would be unmanned, just instruments. If instruments are lost according to her actions it will not be as great a loss as the loss of life.
I admit to being a little uncomfortable delivering this message. I feel like the messenger who delivers the message and people get angry at, so please excuse me for my apparent showings of reluctance and I'm sure I'm not the only one you've heard this from.
Mother Earth also has told me that she is preparing to reveal some of her land to give our population greater places to live. She is not just taking away land at the shores of the sea. She is working on creating islands in the ocean. There are volcanic activities. In some cases the islands are already established, in others they are building and in one case at one of the poles the ice is gradually melting and will reveal the land underneath. That ice will not return for a very, very long time and it will be possible to establish places to live there as the temperature will warm.
This will also add a great deal of fresh water to the seas and it cannot be denied will also, as a result of that fresh water - might very well because of an increase of volume in the seas, have effect on seashores and perhaps even islands. This however is known and has been documented and is not new to many of you.
Mother Earth wants us to live here and welcomes us but as any good host she appreciates when she is treated well and it is her intention to treat us as well as she can but she would prefer that deep explorations for oil are abandoned and that other means of power generating and electrical generating, which is essentially utilizing her bodies field of energy, be done more benevolently. This will be possible in the long run with contact from Beings from other planets who have other means to bring this about, I have been assured but until then she would prefer something other than oil.
Solar has advanced quite a bit and it can help. Wind power is at our disposal and can produce a great deal of energy benevolently and could even be set up commercially to distribute energy. Those of you in windy areas might be able to contribute to your own and perhaps even your neighbors electrical needs. This work has all been researched and can be practiced now.
I believe Mother Earth loves us but she would prefer that we live more gently on her land and I know we can do that in time.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Kirsten K said...

Thank you, Robby! Goodlife

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Goodlife Kirsten.