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The Wand Position
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Sunday, August 06, 2006


There are many ways to experience enlightenment - but what is enlightenment?

Is it a intellectual insight into our human condition? Is it a means to understand and apply ways and capabilities to improve the quality of life? Is it a understanding of the human condition which allows one to embrace the continuity of life and allow life to pass before one or is it all of these things and more.

Enlightenment is not a requirement to live today however it is an option. As an option it includes many different forms of understanding.

My feeling is that enlightenment has a foundational element and that foundational element is - understanding how much we are all alike.

Now when I say all does that mean - what - does it mean all people? Does it mean all life? What does it mean. In my understanding and in my life experience all means all life and everything is alive.

If we even consider that philosophically for a moment - does it prevent us from eating or clothing ourselves or protecting ourselves in homes. It does not - however it does demand of us respect, honor and appreciation for all that we eat, all that we wear and all that we use for our shelter.

Here's an example of something I say regularly. I say, "Thank you for all those who have contributed to my being able to enjoy this wonderful meal." Many of you say that in some manner as grace or as the blessing over a meal in all religions and even philosophies but since everything is alive and it passes through us to go on to sustain others in some way that we may see or most likely don't see then is it possible that other forms of life thank us for our existence here.

We often, as a human race, are so critical of ourselves and our fellow human beings and yet - think about it - how is it possible that all the animals, the trees, the stone, Mother Earth herself are prepared and committed to live with us.

Is it possible that there is something we're doing just by our very existence here which is in mutual co-operation with them.

I believe that harmony is possible. I do not think that harmony works when we're blowing things up - shooting, maiming or harming each other and yet it is true that certain levels of inter co-operation allow for the smooth transit of one form of life into another.

I believe that Creator has placed us here to learn how harmony works. That is why we find ourselves in a world that allows one form of life to be nurtured simply by the exhale of breath of another. Is it not a wondrous thing that trees exhale oxygen as do plants in general and that we exhale carbon dioxide which trees and many other plants inhale.

I feel that the nature of our existence here has everything to do with the lesson, the application and the experience of harmony and I have a great deal of confidence that we are not only learning it but that our increased level of communication with each other in this form and in many others will allow us to learn the value of each other, learn how we interact with all other life and yes - appreciate how we all exist in harmony that is unseen and unfelt by many and yet does exist within us.

Now, all we have to do is to make it a goal to live in harmony regardless of our religions, philosophies and politics. I know it can be done.

We just need to say, "I believe and I know you believe also. I can allow you to believe what you believe and still be in harmony with you."

Give it a try, think about it and consider. It may be true but even if it isn't it's still worth thinking about.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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