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The Wand Position
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Benevolent Magic - Variations May Be Possible

There are those of you out there who feel slightly ill at ease with the term "benevolent magic", not because you feel ill at ease with the word benevolent but rather the term - magic.

Magic, after all has a great many connotations in our culture - few of which are considered to be benevolent. That is why we put that word in front of it because the magic that you will learn here will all be benevolent for you and others and it has built in safeguards that are not apparent mentally but are present and they are the cornerstones of why only benevolence can come from this form of magic.

I have not shared all that there is about this with you because I want to start you in such a way as you can see results for yourself.

I've given some very advanced work in the past on this site and interspersed it with things that are of greater ease as well as things that are simply stimulating thoughts and support and nurturance for you. I will continue in that vein.

Today very briefly I'm going to touch on another way you can say Benevolent Magic.

This is specifically meant to serve your needs and the needs of those who are immediately around you. By that I mean - possibly friends, possibly family, possibly pets but the needs are stated in such a very specific way that the words can support them and the results can be felt by all in your immediate area.

Normally we would use Living Prayer for such a thing if it's meant to serve the needs of all in your immediate area but this is a situation in which you have a pronounced need but that you feel, and have perhaps had evidence of, that same need in others.

Here is the format for that kind of Benevolent Magic. You might say for an example, "I request that my own energy - physically, spiritually and on the feeling level be supported and nurtured by spirit most loving and all beings of creation most loving and that that energy nurture and support me in the most comforting benevolent way for me resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

Now I want to give you a variation on that as well for we do not always have to use the word - benevolent- but it is a good word.

As an alternative you might say - in a different example, "I request that the inspiration I need that will help me to move through life in the most comforting and clear way feeling loved and supported in a way I can physically detect is constantly present within me and near me so that as I move along I can feel it and that this will all result in the most wonderful, nurturing and comforting outcome for me." Try that as an alternative.

This is especially being presented for you today - this alternative - for those of you who do not have the word or words like it for - benevolent - in your language. Some of you do not have that. Therefore I recommend you try that alternative and adapt it to your needs.

Remember - if you stumble over the words to stop, wait for two to five minutes and say them again. It's very important to go from one end to the other without tripping up over your words or backtracking.

Remember also never to say, "Cancel that." That doesn't work in this case for Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer because so many spirits and beings and energies are involved there needs to be absolute clarity.

Now for those of you who may have a speech impediment, either say it in the best way you can or give it a try to think it. Generally speaking, thinking it is not something I recommend but for those who have a speech impediment try thinking it and see how it works for you. Remember in that case to always ask for the most benevolent spirit and loving spirit energies of creation to be with you and wait a few moments - perhaps you will feel something - and then try to think it.

Well that's my suggestion and instruction for today. I hope you are all well and moving on your life path in the most loving, wonderful, gentle and nurturing way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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