The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Addendum To The Last Post - You Might Also Try This

Now I'd like to add a little addendum to the last post.

There is another way to try, if you like, saying Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer if you are either unable to move your mouth or open it for some reason or perhaps you are injured or recovering from some illness or if you have a speech impediment then you might try this.

It involves "saying" the Living Prayer or Benevolent Magic with the words provided here (in the last post and generally on this site) but you do not open your mouth - so you're making sounds but your mouth is closed.

This is something worth doing. Try it and experiment just to see how it goes.

I do also recommend that before you do this that you ask in the same way, with your mouth closed if you need to, that benevolent spirits, loving beings, Creator and/or any Deity that you believe in be present with you before, during and after you do this so that you will have the benefit of their most loving, nurturing and encouraging energy.

Give it a try. It is, I grant, an experiment but it is worth doing if you have this particular difficulty even if it is temporary.


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